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Author: Melanie Golding13F51EFB-EB43-453B-B98E-2DB64436675B

Genre: Thriller, Fiction

Publisher: Crooked Lane Books

Pub Date: April 30, 2019

Pages: 304

Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥



Taken from Goodreads

A new mother becomes convinced that her children are not her own…Lauren, a new mother, is exhausted by the demands of her twin boys. Since coming home from the hospital, she rarely leaves the house. But it isn’t only new motherhood keeping her there. Lauren knows someone is watching them and someone wants her babies. It started with an incident at the hospital and an emergency call in the middle of the night. No one believes her—not her husband, not the police—until one day in the park when everything changes. Is Lauren mad or does she know something no one else does? A gripping novel that gets to the heart of a mother’s worst fears, and how often they are ignored.

My Review:

This book looked like the perfect spooky thriller, and it did not disappoint! It is an amazing debut novel for author, Melanie Golding. I zipped right through it, needing to know if the mom, Lauren was crazy or if something wicked was going on with her family?

This story starts as Lauren and her husband Patrick are about to give birth to twin boys. Even in the hospital while Lauren is giving birth Patrick is barely around. Lauren is left to take on motherhood and recovery mostly on her own! I was so annoyed with her husband!!😠

As any new mother would be, Lauren is exhausted and completely deprived of sleep, when something happens. I don’t want to spoil it, so I will leave it at that… But I had to find out if it was real or not!

I am not super into scary stories but this one had just the right amount of thriller and mystery, with maybe a sprinkle of Stephen King creepiness! If you want a fun and spine-chilling read look for this book in stores April 30, 2019.

I received this advanced copy from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Thank you to NetGalley, Crooked Lane Books, and the author, Melanie Golding for this copy.

😱What a spine-chilling thriller!

Do you love a good scare? What’s your all-time favorite thriller?

Thank you so much NetGalley, Crooked Lane Books, and the author, Melanie Golding for this advanced copy!

Happy Reading!


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  1. I think my tastes are darker than that, think Stephen King and Dean Koontz. However, I like Robin cook, and I’ve read lots of murder mystery type stuff too, the Prey books by Sanford, and some other authors. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but the scariest book I ever read was The Shining and the most disturbing was Sleepers. Those two I’ll never forget!

    • Oh wow ya, I can’t do those authors anymore… I wouldn’t be able to sleep! Lol I’m a big sissy when it comes to spooky. I want to be just lightly spooked! 😊

  2. Great review, Lana. Just enough to tempt me without any spoilers.
    I like a good scare every now and then, but nothing too over the top. I’ve read some very good psychological thrillers this year that truly fit the bill. Baby Teeth might have been the creepiest. 😩

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