Gray Whales headin’ to Mexico

Today we spent our Sunday driving up the coast from our campsite at South Jetty, Florence to Depoe Bay, about an hour north. It was 72’, calm seas, not a cloud in the sky and whales everywhere! I was in heaven!

Depoe Bay, Oregon is known for the Gray Whales that stop over here to eat the Mysid Shrimp as they migrate from Baja Mexico to Alaska.
Taken from our favorite overlook, Otter Rock. We were a few hundred ft above the ocean.

Mom and calf heading south, staying close to shore.


Have you seen the Gray Whales near Depoe Bay, or others? I’d love to see a Humpback or Orca… But I’ve only seen the Gray Whales. Thanks for stopping by…







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    • That’s would be amazing! I’d love to see where they go in Baja! 💗 I could watch them all day, but the kids get bored… lol

      • That sounds like heaven!! Wow! Ryan always talks about going there, he wants to surf there. Not me anymore. But I’d love watching the whales and listening to them spout! It would never get old.😁

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