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Author: Lola DodgeA8946437-EA1A-4926-A29C-A159EC098C77

Genre: Fantasy, Witches, YA

Publisher: Inscribe Digital

Pub Date: October 30, 2018

Pages: 270

Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥


Taken from Goodreads

For the fans of Hex Hall, The Magicians, Practical Magic, and Food Wars! After her run-in with a jealous warlock, apprentice baker Anise Wise can’t wait to get back the kitchen where she belongs. But thanks to her brush with death the land of the living isn’t all cupcakes and marshmallows. Anise’s Magical mojo is way out of whack and her evolving powers are stirring up trouble. As the town buzzes with news that Anise can bake deathly spells, unsavory characters start lining up for a taste. They’ll stop at nothing for the chance to use Anise and her witchcraft to further their own plots. She plans to hole up researching magic recipes until the attention dies down, but then she discovers the horrifying terms of her bodyguard’s contract. Wynn has saved her life so many times, she can’ leave him trapped. But doing the right thing will mean risking death or worse—being cast out of her dream job. For this witch, justice might no be as sweet as advertised.

My Review:

This book was just the recipe of magical fun I was looking for! Sugar Spells is the second book in The Spellwork Syndicate Series, the first is Deadly Sweet, which I have not read yet, and works fine as a stand alone. The third book, Wicked Tasty comes out next March. I am going to be adding Deadly Sweets to my TBR!

This fast read is a story about Anise and her baking spells. She is all of a sudden unable to whip up her usual yummy pastries and discovers evil magic is running through her veins. As she tries to discover a solution to her baking and magical troubles she also tries to save her bodyguard from a lifelong debt he is repaying.

This book is an easy and fun little story of baking and spells. Plenty of magical creatures fill the pages of this fun story along with lots and lots of BATS!🙀 This story finds me at the right time, before Halloween and going into baking season!

I received this advanced copy from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. This book will be published October 30th, go check it out!

This story makes me want to bake, bake, bake! 🍰

Thank you so much NetGalley, Inscribe Digital, and the author, Lola Dodge for this advanced copy!

Have you read this or the first book in the series? What are your thoughts?

Happy Reading!


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  1. I enjoy that genre and tend to read a lot to see what’s suitable for my niece! She’s is NOT a reader but likes this genre so I do all I can to encourage her to read! She’s 11 and also loves making cakes with me so I’ll check this out!

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