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The last few weeks Ryan and I have been battling all the crud that’s come our way from the preschoolers. It happens every Fall. I think we have had the same headcold two times just this October. 🤪

We keep going though, the only real difference is once work is over we have no energy at all, and we sort of fall into the couch until it’s time for bed.

This past weekend we did manage to go camping to our spot without any children, which was great for getting caught up on some quiet time. Unfortunately, we didn’t see any animals, there were dozens of Marines with heavy equipment that were all along our favorite coastal spots, helping the forest service with improvements.


This goofy photo… I tried to snap a quick picture of some of their trucks, you can see my iPad in the mirror, above Rio’s head.


They were camped out all weekend at my favorite spot where we have seen so much wildlife recently. Hopefully they will be gone by next weekend.

The boys are all settled into their new school year, Jayden a 3rd grader in an inclusive classroom for his developmental disabilities and Joey is homeschooled, but attending a learning coop 3 days a week. So far so good!

They are of course both excited for Halloween! 🎃We still haven’t even got their costumes yet, I feel like a slacker about that.😬 I must the be only mom who hasn’t planned out everyone’s costume for Halloween…

Looking ahead, we are thinking of deep frying our turkey this year at our campsite! We are not 100% vegan anymore, we still will rarely eat it, but just a bit more relaxed about it. Ryan is pretty excited to give it a shot! Any tips or suggestions for frying it?

I hope everyone’s Tuesday gets going in the right direction! What’s your favorite Halloween candy? Are you dressing up this year? 

Happy Tuesday friends!



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  1. I can’t eat candy anymore with my teeth the way they are, but we were never a big candy eating family. Since mine is 14, we don’t dress up or really do anything for Halloween, but I still love the holiday. I miss seeing kids run around in costumes all excited and trick-or-treat. Our town does trunk-or-treat in two locations, and parents load their kids into cars and shuttle them off to two neighborhoods that go all out and give out drinks, food, and full size candy bars. You can take that anyway you want. Personally I think they are ruining the holiday for the rest of the town, but hey, what do I know. I made the mistake of reading the local paper this morning and if it wasn’t for the fact that I am stuck here like used gum, I would pack up and move today.

    • I’ve heard that too! Lol I think that happens when the turkey is frozen still, but we will see what happens! 🤞🏻😎

  2. Oh you poor dears! Colds are no fun! You might consider looking into colloidal silver. Many benefits, just one being it fights cold germs before they take over.

    Fav candy for this time of year is candy corn, but I’ll take Chocolate anything 365. Feel better soon !

  3. Deep fried turkey is so good. I bought my kids a fryer last year for Christmas. My son in law got on youtube and figured out how to do it. I know he always injects the turkey with seasonings.

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