Throwback Thursday ~10 Things That Attract Me To A Blog Post

Did you hear about the claustrophobic astronaut?… He just needed a little space.

Writing blogs is very new to Ryan and I, but we do know when something catches our attention. I can’t speak for Ryan but when I see a new post these are the things I look for that draw me in to a great post.

  1. Humor I want to be entertained more than anything. Life is hard enough. I love a dry sense of humor or photo that makes me giggle. That is always worth my time.
  2. Intimacy I want to know what you really think and who you really are. I enjoy seeing someone embrace who they really are. It’s a very attractive quality for me.
  3. Great Photos I can be sold on a photo for any number of reasons; animals, sunsets, nature, quirky pet photos. I’m not sure I can put into words the type of photo that gets my attention. But sometimes I just want to see more.
  4. Lists I am a sucker for a good list. I seem to always find myself clicking on top 10 posts on social media. I’m not sure what the appeal is for me, but they get me every time.
  5. Foreign Places This seems like an obvious one. Aren’t we all attracted to beautiful far away places, whether we’ve been there or not?
  6. Family Posts I love reading posts from families on vacation, sharing thoughts on homeschooling, camping or just the details of family life.
  7. Pets Who doesn’t love an adorable post about your pets. Close up, goofy photos, even better. I’ve tried to photograph my dogs, and it’s not easy!
  8. Relatable Content I want to be able to say, That is SOOO me and my family! Or, I completely agree with that post! 
  9. Nerdiness I enjoy reading posts from other fellow nerdy bloggers. We are in bed before 9 every Friday night, we go to the library 10x more than we go to the movies, and we always laugh at our own jokes.
  10. Informative As much as I love to be entertained I still enjoy a post to teach me something new, especially on an interesting topic. Maybe a book review on a book I’m wanting to read.. Lately I have found an interest in Cooking, Baking and Books, so a good how to post gets my attention!

Thanks for stopping by, this originally posted on our blog in May 2018. Have a great Thursday Friends!


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    • I think your right… explains why I love it so… 😁💗 I love the library too! Do you go to a branch or a main library? Where I live we have a small library in our neighborhood..

  1. Great list, Lana. Yes, those are some of the same things that attract me to blogs as well. And I notice I usually get more readership when I employ three or more of those items, like I did on the one titled, “Jesus is a walking on the Water again” So, let me copy those and refer back. See if I can remember to add humor, be personal (intimate), bring my Boston Terrier along every now and then, and use lists. Oh ya, and make the pictures captivating, too. That’s quite an order!

    • Thanks Jan! I’m glad you liked my list.. sounds like a great post! I am always a sucker for doggy photos! 🐶 Have a wonderful Friday!

  2. Nice read. I agree with all of these. We just started our blog last week on outdoors activities. Will talk about our weekend and vacation excursions, review the places and equipment when possible and teach a little something on foraging while we’re at it.

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