Try ordering soap from a fellow blogger!

Hey Friends,

I wanted to share with you all, my package that just came in the mail!

Ryan and I are not big fans of shower gel or store bought bars of soap full of chemicals and fragrances. We love to find handcrafted  natural soaps when we find them at Saturday Market, although some can be quite spendy.


I almost forgot..Ruth added this raspberry lip balm and peacock design, key chain holder as a gift. I’m thinking she sewed this adorable case herself! It smells amazing and I am so impressed!

 A fellow blogger, Ruth at Don’t Eat it! Soap had recently finished some of her batches and I decided to give them a try! She has several natural fragrances to choose from. I ordered an assortment of Coconut, Breakfast Bar(Yogurt, Cinnamon, oatmeal, and honey), Pumpkin Spice, Aloe, Chamomile Lavender, and Sweet Dandelion!


Her soap lathers up real well and has the right balance of fragrance for Ryan and I to both use, instead of us having separate bars.

Ruth also has very reasonable prices, each bar is $3 each! If handcrafted soap made from the farm piques your interest, take a peak over at her blog and ask her about her soap!😊

Thanks for stopping by today, I need to go make sure one of these bars makes it into my camping bag for the coast this weekend!

Have a great weekend Friends and definitely go see Ruth!


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  1. You know, my sister brought up a fantastic point during a conversation. She’s planning to travel to Greece but bringing only a handcarry. She nentioned she’s planning to buy soap and shampoo and conditioner bars for her travel so she does not have to worry about liquid restrictions. That made me think. So this post is very interesting to me and will definitely check out her site. Thanks for the tip.

    • Great! I was just telling Ryan, I hope it doesn’t come across as an advertisement because Ruth didn’t even know I was posted something. But it really is wonderful soap, and who doesn’t love supporting a small farm and blogger! 💗🎃 I hope she has a safe and wonderful trip!

      • Yes. I love supporting the locals too and small farms. I have not immersed myself with natural products just yet but I got a few natural products I’m currently using. If I can save, even better. All the more incentive to switch. And I will let my sister know you wish her a safe trip. Thanks.

      • Wonderful! I think whatever part of your life you can manage to go natural the better! We definitely are far from perfect! But like you said, if it can a product can be natural, save a few dollars and also support small business, that’s a win, win!🤩

  2. Thank you so much for this post Lana. I am happy that you package arrived. My sister is actually the one who make the key chain lip balm holders so I can sell them with my lip balm.- they are very handy. I keep mine attached to the handle of my purse so I don’t have to dig to the bottom every time I want my lip balm. I hope you are Ryan both enjoy the soaps.

    • No I am not familiar with shampoo bars, but love the idea. It’s something I would like to do as well. Ruth might… I would ask her!

  3. Thanks for directing me to Ruth I found her blog even though you forgot to leave the link! I’d love to try one of her products sometime, she appears to be a good writer as well! I love the post about spam 🤣🤣

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