Weekend Update

How’s everyone’s weekend plans holding up? Are the costumes ready, candy bowls filled, pumpkins carved?

We are in our happy place, and for now the weather is cooperating! It sprinkled a bit midday, but we were able to walk on the beach at lowtide(no treasures), took our weekly walk through old town to see if there was something we couldn’t live without(nope), and now we are by the fire for as long as the weather will permit.

The Boys

The boys have had a semi relaxing weekend in the trailer with popcorn and a Harry Potter movie marathon! Do you have a favorite HP movie? Joey says the 5th one is his fav! Only a few minor squabbles to sort out, not bad!👍🏻B884ECE9-1126-4AAC-9513-43C6BB942601

Ryan and I

The Oregon Ducks play tonight at 7:30, but after disappointing loss last weekend I will most likely be reading during most of it…

The swells are on the big side 8-10 feet, but Ryan managed to catch a few waves this morning while I read just about to the end of The Little Shop of Found Things. Which is really good! ❤️Review to come tomorrow…

I am also trying to not drink beer with Ryan, after being sick for a few weeks I didn’t pay any attention to what I was eating and I’ve gained a few pounds. So I’ve been drinking these spiked sparkling waters, I like them quite a bit. The brand I’m drinking this weekend is Truly, it only has 100 calories per can, compared to the millions in Ryan’s IPA’s, that are so yummy! 🤨

Ok, one last thought to share, last night we tried a show we’d never watched before, Mayans. We thought it was pretty good. Anyone else watching this show? Do you like it?

Time for a walk around the campground to get my steps in! 😁Hope you all are enjoying your Saturday!



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    • It is super spendy! I don’t think we are carving any this year either… I still have to go shopping for our Halloween candy!

      • We don’t get many either, yet each year I still holdout for a bunch of my preschoolers to come see me in their costume… but then when they don’t we get yummy candy for the next week!🤔😇🤪

  1. I had a relaxing Saturday. Didn’t get my steps in. Need to go downstairs and use my Recumbant bike before the evening slumber overtakes me. Sorry to hear you’ve been sick. Hope all is better now. Thanks for filling us in on your weekend. No, I haven’t watched Mayans, but I will check it out. Have a good Sunday. I need to go get ready for my Sunday School class – my husband and I teach the preschoolers. Such fun!! <3

    • I did not know that about you Jan, how fun teaching Sunday school classes! ❤️ We are better now, thank you… enjoy your Sunday too!☀️

  2. I dont have our candy yet either! Enjoy your weather while you have it! Winter is coming and I’m not ready for the 100+ inches of snow we will get!! Good reading weather though!😁 Have a great rest of your weekend Lana!😊🎃💕

      • I’m in Western NY, right below Lake Ontario… know the place where the rest of the country goes “why would anyone want to live there” every winter! Haha😂

      • Awe… I see. Lol Brrr! We definitely have a few miles between us! Snow in the winter sounds exciting, romantic and super cozy for all of about a week…then I’ve had enough.

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