Waiting on the Mailman…

Waiting on a package

My birthday is this next week and I don’t know about you guys, but I always like to spoil myself by ordering a little something fun! Ryan is amazing in many, many ways… but gift giving is not one of them.

Once he actually bought me the same earrings two holidays in a row, I was actually wearing the exact pair when I opened another.😳 So I’ve offered to do the shopping for him, a win,win…and it is coming in the mail today!🎂

I have loved reading so much this summer with my Kindle Paperwhite I’ve decided to upgrade my e-reader to the Kindle Oasis with the second battery in the case. I am hoping it is as amazing as it sounds. I am supposed to be able to go months on one charge…it is also be compatible with Audibles… we will see! Do you have a Kindle Oasis? Do you like it?599EECFD-B70B-4E43-909E-04FB93851D19.jpeg

Stay-at-home weekend

We have been camping every weekend since I think the beginning of time, or at least the beginning of summer, and we are finally staying home for a weekend to get caught up on preschool and household chores.

I am looking forward to having just a casual, relaxing weekend with no packing or unpacking. Only problem is, I know I left bananas in our trailer at our campsite. That’s not going to be a pretty site when we make it back next weekend. Ick! Oh well…


About 30 miles from home there is a wildlife refuge(Finley Wildlife Refuge) with tons of birds and trails and often times a herd of elk. We will be taking a late morning drive with my camera, maybe we will get lucky.

Lately Ryan and Joey have spotted dozens of wild turkeys just along the side of the road on their way to Joey’s school. I am hoping to photograph some!


I will be waiting till late afternoon for the mail since we are the mailman’s last stop. So I’m sure I will get in a few chapters too. I Just started reading another middle grade book called A Monster Like Me by Wendy Swore.

What are your Saturday plans?

Do you have a lazy and relaxing weekend planned, full of reading and wildlife? What is on your weekend to do list? Enjoy the day friends!



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  1. Oh same here! Husband isn’t the best gift giver, eek! The gifts often consists of clothes being too small, leaving me feeling extra whale-ish, haha, or just not what I like. So, I too gift myself, so much better! My birthday is November 5 🙋🏽‍♀️ and my package comes in November 12th, I don’t mind! 🎉 I’m trying out this website I just recently ‘discovered’ where they sell ‘preloved’ high end handbags. The prices are not bad at all! So, cheers to us and hoping we love our own birthday gifts to ourselves 🎂🎉😊

  2. I hope you enjoy your new Kindle Oasis (I’ve not seen that!). I have a basic Kindle. I never wanted an eReader and prefered paper books, but on holiday 4 years ago I hated the books I’d taken, so downloaded several onto my phone, the downside being the glare from the sun blanking the screen. Enter hubby, I requested a Paperwhite (I’d seen the ad) so that I could read in the sun. That Christmas I got a Kindle (basic) as he’d read the box and that stated that it withstood the glare from the sun! It does, but the screen is greyish and so not ideal for reading in a lamplit bedroom. Otherwise it’s great!

    • I had the kindle paper white and it worked pretty good, but the oasis is lighter, has much better lighting and clarity. Plus the memory and battery is supposed to be much higher quality. So we will see!
      I’ve been reading so many e-books lately it just made sense for me to get one with a super long battery life. I’m a gadget nerd.. lol

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