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Author: Wendy Swore5A14BF46-7308-4431-9742-FC0EF637CFAD

Genre: Middle Grade

Publisher: Shadow Mountain Publishing

Pub Date: March 5, 2019

Pages: 304

Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Taken from Goodreads

Being the new kid at school is hard, but Sophie has a secret weapon: her vivid imagination and her oversized, trusted Big Book of Monsters—encyclopedia of myths and legends from all over the world. The pictures and descriptions of the creatures in her book help her know which kids to watch out for—clearly the bullies are trolls and goblins—as well as how to avoid them. Though not everyone is hiding a monster inside; the nice next—door neighbor is probably a good witch, and Sophie’s new best friend is obviously a good fairy. Sophie is convinced she is a monster because of the “monster mark” on her face. At least that’s what she calls it. The doctors call it a blood tumor, and it covers almost half of her face. Sophie can feel it pulsing with every beat of her heart. And if she’s a monster on the outside, then she must be a monster on the inside too. She knows that it’s only a matter before the other kids, the doctors, and even her mom figure it out. The Big Book of Monsters gives Sophie the idea that there might be a cure for her monster mark, but in order to make the magic crystal—that Sophie believes are talismans. Once she’s collected all the needed ingredients, she’ll only have one chance to make a very special wish. If Sophie can’t break the curse and become human again, her mom is probably going to leave—just like Dad did. Because who would want to live with a real monster?

My Review:

I was so excited to get this advanced copy of A Monster Like Me, and even more happy to find out the story takes place in Portland, Oregon a 100 miles from my hometown in Eugene! I have lived here my whole life and still learned something new about Multnomah Falls! ❤️

Sophie is an imaginative, little girl who has found away to cope with her big birthmark. She has created a world with monsters everywhere she goes. It’s much easier to accept your “monster qualities” when you imagine that monsters are everywhere around you.

Sophie has a difficult time being anywhere in public and her mom is at a loss with how to help her. Sophie is able to make a new best friend at school, and her Mom meets someone special too, that’s when things get a little complicated.

Sophie might need to come up with a better strategy for handling her insecurities over her birthmark. Will she change her thoughts on monsters and how she sees herself? Or will she accept her birthmark the way it is? 🤔hmmm…..

My heart went out to Sophie, and anyone that’s faced with being different in a big way. While reading it, I was reminded of the story of Wonder, as they both dealt with similar issues of bullying, family bonds and friendships.

I truly enjoyed this advanced copy I received from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own. This book will be published March 5th, 2019, I hope you will check it out!

Thanks so much NetGalley, Shadow Mountain Publishing, and the author, Wendy Swore for this advanced copy!

Have you hear of A Monster Like Me or do you plan to read it when it’s published? What are your thoughts?


Happy Reading!


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  1. Seems like a book everyone should read and learn from.. how to deal with your insecurities and accept who we are. I loved that one sentence in your blog “its easier to accept the monster we are, when we think all are monsters around”

    • 😊it really is a book everyone should read! The author did suffer from this type of birth mark when she was young, so I believe she was writing from first hand experience. It’s so sad how mean some young people can be when they don’t understand people’s differences. Thanks for reading my review! It makes my evening to have connected with you! 😊

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