Saturday‘s Trip To Finley Wildlife Preserve

The weekend forecast for Oregon…

Go outside on Saturday☀️, go back inside Sunday 🌧.

Yesterday we took a 30 minute drive north to Finley Wildlife Preserve in search of birds. As much as we like our little adventures, we know very little about photography or bird watching. We joke that if we spotted some incredibly rare bird, we would not be able to photograph it or identify it. Lol But who cares… it’s still super fun!

So with that in mind, here is what (we think) we saw…


At first we actually thought these were egrets flying in to the pond, but as they flew overhead we realized they were much bigger.. pretty swans. 



It wasn’t the best lighting for this Heron, it was an overcast morning but he was still cool to watch him eat.


We saw several birds similar to this, I am guessing it is a Harrier Hawk? 🧐 

After bird watching we took the boys out to lunch at Laughing Planet, went to a lego shop, and made our last stop to a classic arcade, Level Up. I stuck with the Ms Pac-Man game just because my quarter lasts the longest there, while Ryan rocked the Galaga high score.

That was our fun for the weekend. Sunday will be planning and organizing for the week. I have a book to finish up and a few blog posts to work on.

❤️To my father-in-law, if you see this post this morning…

 Happy Birthday! 🍷

I hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable Sunday!



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    • Yes, not too bad. Hopefully we won’t be in the house all day. I am hoping for a break in the rain around lunch time.. I wanted to drive around and find some wild turkeys to photograph! 🦃 🦃😁 How is your weekend holding up?

      • I keep seeing a bird around here that’s either a young hawk or some kind of bird like a hawk but much smaller. One of these days I’m gonna get a photo of it!

      • I am so bad at identifying birds, especially with hawks they have some many varieties! I usually try to get a photo and then ask my dad. Lol

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