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More so in November than any other time of the year, I hear about what everyone is grateful for, so I thought I’d start this month’s Tuesday post with a grateful list.

On occasion when I am feeling down I have kept a daily gratitude journal, and its always been able to get me out of my funk. But as life gets so busy I tend to put my journaling to the side until I really need it again.


Here is my list…

  1. My parents. I am so grateful for all the wonderful childhood memories and family get-togethers we’ve had over the years. Now more than ever, I appreciate going camping with my parents and sitting by the campfire with them.
  2. My children, of course. I have 2 at home and 2 on their own. I wish I had more time with the adult children, but maybe someday that can happen. I am so proud of them all.
  3. Ryan!! My travel buddy, blog editor, Thursday night date, beer drinking buddy, preschool coworker, wildlife explorer, ruggedly handsome hubby…I joke, but where would I be without this great guy in my life? We do everything together…
  4. Our home. We live in a very modest manufactured home in a family park. There are cars on the road worth more than our home(easily), but its ours. It is where I’ve homeschooled my children, ran my home-based preschool, saw my son leave for the Navy and hopefully where I’ll be for a while.
  5. Reading and books. Anyone who puts up with my blog knows I always have my nose in a book, or at least my kindle. LOVE, LOVE, love reading! And I adore all our books.
  6. Camping. I love being away from the city, enjoying nature whether its on a trail or sitting by the campfire.
  7. Animals. I was going to just say my pets, but it’s way more than that. I LOVE going on hikes or drives in search of wildlife. If I can spot something amazing on a day trip, I am higher than a kite for the rest of the day. This summer we’ve watched river otters, beavers, foxes, coyotes, muskrats, deer, elk, whales, and tons of seals, chipmunks and birds.
  8. Oregon. Since I have not traveled far from home, I feel very fortunate to be from a state that has so much beauty. Ryan and I are literally an hour away from the beach or the mountains.
  9. My nerdy Gadgets. I know its probably so wrong to be so grateful for all my toys but I just can’t help it. MY favorite things… my camera, my iPad, my Kindle and MacBook. (I am not grateful for my phone, it only brings work, tells me to pay a bill, or someone wants to bug me while I am on a hike :P).
  10. This Blog! It has opened my eyes to so many different things in the last 8 months! I have been so inspired by other bloggers I have purchased a camera since starting my blog and I have read about 3x more books this year than ever before. It has pushed us to camp and hike more too! Love my blog.

If you would like to follow my lead and list yours I tag you!! I’d love to read  everyone’s top 10-grateful things. Link it back to me so I can see it!!


Happy Tuesday friends!


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  1. 1. My relationship with Jehovah God
    2. My loving husband and family
    3. Life and the good and bad things I’ve experienced to date
    4. Health – a clear and well functioning mind and body
    5. Freedom
    6. A good job that allows me to take care of my family
    7. Good friends
    8. Understanding and wisdom
    9. Truth
    10. Hope for a better future under God’s Kingdom

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