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First Line is my favorite weekly post! Booklovers can share the first line or two of the book you are currently reading, your next book or anything off your shelf you’d like to share…💗

Here goes…


“It’s the first night of the new year.”

“Irene Steele has spent the day in a state of focused productivity. From nine to one, she filed away every piece of paperwork relating to the complete moth-to-butterfly renovation of her 1892 Queen Anne-style home on Church Street. From one to two, she ate a thick sandwich, chicken salad on pumpernickel (she has always been naturally slender, luckily, so no New Year’s Diets for her), and the. She took a short nap on the velvet fainting couch in front of the fire in the parlor.”

Title: Winter in Paradise

Genre: Contemporary, chic lit, fiction

Author: Elin Hilderbrand

Pub Date: 2018

Pages: 310

Elin Bilderbrand is my favorite❤️ author for enjoying a book by the pool or beach. She has been dubbed the “queen of the beach reads.” This is her latest book, published last month, October 9, 2018.

One of the things I’ve loved about reading all of her beachy novels is they are all(all 21😳) set on her home island of Nantucket. This is the first of her novels to be set on a different island. For the last six years, Hilderbrand has been spending a five week stay on the US Virgin Islands to finish up her winter novels.

Hilderbrand discusses her stay in USVI before and after the devastation of Hurricane Irma in her author’s note. I’m so excited to be reading her latesta! This is my book for the weekend!


What are you reading this Friday morning? Have you read this one yet or any of her other beach stories?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and read your First Line…

Happy Friday friends & Happy Reading this weekend!💗


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  1. Happy Friday!🍁

    My first lines come from Things Left Unsaid by Courtney Walsh….

    This is it, Lyndie. Don’t blow it. Lyndie St. James stood in the hallway of Judson Music Studios, willing herself to open the door. A door that, in the past few months , had come to mean so much, thanks to constant reminders that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

    Have an awesome weekend and happy reading!🍁🙃💕

  2. “Their daughter sat at the kitchen table. She spoon-fed Chicken Noodle, their grandson, something mashed up and green. The toddler held on to a clean spoon, upside down and backwards. Early morning light cut through the windows of the room, soft but bright. His daughter turned in her chair and smiled at George. It was a sad smile. It was the smile you made when holding the hand of someone who, having lived a long life, lay in be waiting for the surprise of their last breath.”

    From “How the Butcher Bird Finds Her Voice” by Markus Egeler Jones.

    It is FANTASTIC. It’s a modular literary fiction so you kind of have to just go along for the ride as the timelines and protagonists shift. Steeped in Navajo tradition. This is my 2nd time through it in as many months. Hope you check it out. It’s tough, but redeeming. Have a great weekend!

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