A Walk To The Lighthouse

We had wonderful weather this weekend on the Oregon Coast. It was chilly each morning, but beautiful blue skies.

We took some of our favorite hikes and stops in our area, but didn’t have any luck with wildlife.



The boys weren’t too happy to be here, but that’s fairly normal. Ryan and I loved this half mile walk to Heceta Head Lighthouse, just north of Florence.

Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful Monday!


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    • Thank you! I feel the same way, I like to imagine all the stories and history tied to them too. It was a beautiful day.

    • Oh no, freezing rain is awful. Hope you don’t have much of a commute to work. It is about the driest November we’ve had on record so far and the next week looks dry also. It’s really nice, but we really need the rain!

      • No long commute. I am retired, so just from the bedroom to the kitchen. We have a wee bit of snow up here right now, but it is supposed to go up to +10C (50F) tomorrow. Strange weather. Allan

      • Retirement sounds good to me! I don’t like the cold weather, but wouldn’t mind a few snowstorms if we get lucky enough. Usually it’s not cold enough to stick around. In Eugene were about 500 ft about sea level. So we get a lot of 40’ and rain. 🙄

      • Me too! And the short days… waiting for spring already and winter hasn’t even started. 😩

      • I wish I could say this was our winter, but its our fall. Winter is cold (-25 wind chills) and usually dry. We get about six inches of snow a year is all. Our normal highs drop to the teens and we’ll go days where the highs are in the single digits. Our family black hole swallowed two pairs of gloves this past weekend and we still can’t find our hats. Son outgrew all his winter gear (dang teenager). Not prepared for this to say the least. Add in the fact that I am out of cat food and its a horrible day. lol

      • Awe…🤗🤗 hang in there… that’s sounds pretty miserable. I couldn’t even imagine a winter like that.

      • Exactly, that’s what Ryan and I were just saying. I read him your comment and we agreed… if it’s going to be super cold, you might as well watch the snow fall.

  1. Loved your pictures! Thank you, Lana. From my 14 degree Montana morning, the warmth of your photos complemented the movie I watched last night. It was staged at a lighthouse in Massachusetts. I guess that’s my theme these days. Thanks!

    • Oh burrr… that’s cold Jan. My grandmother on my dad’s side was from Montana, but I’ve never been. Lighthouses are not a bad theme to go with… 🤗🤗 ❄️

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