Throwback Thursday~10 Things To Do Before Going On Vacation

Ryan and I made this list back in the spring before our spring break trip. Do you have a trip coming up for the holidays? Are you a list maker? Making lists is key for me.

I wish I was planning a trip right now…🤔

1. Try not to stress

If your anything like me, and I hope your not. For as much as I look forward to vacation and count down the days till it gets here, their is an element of stress that goes along with it.

In our family most of the trip prepping and planning falls on me. Making sure we leave the house the way we want to find it after vacation, making arrangements for pets if they aren’t traveling with us, and packing all the essential items takes a bit of a plan. Ryan is supportive and appreciates these things too, but his life motto is, “it’ll be fine…” So he definitely does not stress.


2. Double Check Everyone’s Clothes

I don’t make a list for clothing but I do double check with everyone that you have your bathing suit, and your coat. One trip we left the house and my 8 year old literally did not have shoes on his feet! So for this part of packing the best tip here is to double check on shoes, coats, and bathing suits and stay on top of laundry the week of your trip.

3. Electronic Devices

We can’t leave home without our go to devices! So for this, I do make a list and here it is:

  • Iphone and charger
  • Ipads and chargers
  • Laptops and chargers
  • Headphones (very important if you have children, their games can be quite annoying)
  • Camera and charger

I don’t know how many times I have neglected to bring a phone charger. Forgetting something as important as a iphone or iPad charger drives me CRAZY!

4. Reading Material

I don’t make a list for this, but it is something that I LOVE packing. You never know when you have idle time and can be used to knock out another chapter. This trip I am bringing a few fun books and magazines…


  • Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
  • Counting By 7’s (hoping Joey will read this next) by Holly Goldberg Sloan
  • Big Little Lies by Liane Moriaty
  • Surfing the World (Ryan’s)
  • The World in the Curl (Ryan’s)


  • Nat Geo Traveler
  • Family Fun
  • Coastal Living
  • Surfer
  • Sunset

5. Prep Your Ride

This is a job Ryan usually takes pride in. He will gas up, vacuum out all the dog hair and sand, and take it through the carwash. We love to listen to music on our trips but I am not super organized when it comes to our music library.

6. Clean Out The Fridge

This is a bummer if you forget to throw out all the food that will spoil while away on your trip. EW! The same goes for the garbage and kitty litter. Always a must! Plus when you do come home, your going to need groceries, so you might as well clean it before you go.

7. Water Your Plants

If your a plant lover like me, you’ll understand the worry that goes along with leaving my plants for too long. Especially during summer months, trying to find someone who won’t neglect the garden isn’t easy.

8. Stop The Paper

I don’t know if anyone gets the actual paper anymore, but we do! So we stop the paper and hold the mail.

9. Meal Planning

Planning can be extra important if your vegan. It isn’t always easy to find vegan food if your eating out. For this trip we are going to places we have been many times, so we know where we can find a yummy vegan meal.

10. Make a Vacation Bucket List

I saved the best for last. This is something I have been doing with my kids for 15 years. We have a family meeting and compile a list of all the things we want to do during the week. Here are a few of the items on our list for our trip:

  • See a bunch of wildlife, hopefully some elk, deer, coyotes and who knows what else. We love morning drives up in the mountains in search of wildlife.
  • High Desert Museum
  • Eat at Sunriver Bar and Grill
  • Have an IPA at Sunriver Brewery
  • Ride Go Carts on Jayden’s Birthday
  • Coffee shops
  • Swimming and hot tubbing
  • Watch a family movie
  • Play a family game
  • read my books
  • take great photos

Staying a bit organized and planning before your trip can kick start a great week away. Hopefully it will ease the anxiety of trying to get everyone packed and out the door! Next post…vacation!

Thanks for reading my to do list, and showing an interest in our family blog.

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  1. Great list!! I have a similar one. It is a little stressful to have to remember to do all of these necessary things so a list certainly helps. Thanks for sharing. 😊
    I need to start Big Little Lies too! 😉

  2. Yes, I am a list maker too, but one time, we literally forgot our suitcases on a trip to Houston and had to buy essentials (and a few clothes!) when we got there! Luckily, it was a short business trip for my hubby so it wasn’t too bad. Stuff like that drives me CRAZY too!!

    • Good tip! I will tell my boys that! They think once it’s dead you toss it down and go find something else to do…

  3. Your list is perfect! It feels like, once you have children, you have to pack the whole house and bring it with you while traveling! haha! The night before leaving is always so stressful for me, but once we’re on the road, I’m in heaven!

    • Yes! And it always feels like I get so stressed before each trip… but it’s always worth it once we arrive! ❤️

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