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Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

We had hoped to try the holiday in our trailer for a new tradition, deep frying a turkey for the first time. But the weather didn’t hold out. It’s supposed to be rainy and windy today so we are staying home. Happy Thanksgiving Day Here are a plateful of Thanksgiving jokes byfunny thanksgiving meme

I hope it is an enjoyable day today whether you celebrating or just enjoying a day off. Ryan and I won’t be having anyone over, but will be relaxing in or living room to some reading, I’ll light some yummy smelling candles, maybe I’ll play a board game with the boys and I guess we’ll watch bunch of football too. Ryan’s favorite team always plays on Thanksgiving.

So however you are spending your day, I hope you make the most of it.

What’s your favorite holiday food? For me it’s just the mashed potatoes! 😋Soo good!



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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Lana. Hope you have a great day with family. Our Thanksgiving is long past up here. The weather is actually quite good for late November and our city is full of activity for our CFL championship game. Lots to give thanks for, especially if Calgary loses. All the best. Allan

    • Thank you Allan. Yes, lots to give thanks for here too.. Ryan is a Cowboys fan. Me… not so much! 😴Enjoy your day!

  2. I hope you have a blessed thanksgiving. We are spending with the kids that still live in Alaska which means we will be with the twins. I have so much to be thankful for this year.

    • Awe, that sounds so nice…You sound like the best grandma ever! I love hearing you talk about your family! I hope you Family time is wonderful today and this holiday season… 💗🦃 are you guys deep frying the turkey this year?

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