Top 10 Middle Grade Books I Want To Read, But Haven’t Yet

A funny thing has been happening to me since I’ve been reading so much this year. You’d think I would be on top of all my reading since I’ve been reading nonstop, but my bookshelves are still growing with books I want to read!🙄

I have been spending so much time reading ARC’s from NetGalley that my bookshelves are growing with books I absolutely want to read as soon as possible, yet I keep requesting ARC’s from publishers on NetGalley. I think I have a problem…🤓

Either way, I thought I would share with you the 10 middle grade that I need to read before the year is over! If you spend much time on NetGalley you might recognize some of these titles. Some I really wanted to read, but was turned down by the publisher when I first started on NetGalley.


Have you read any of these or have some on your shelf to read? All of these covers are just so beautiful, I love em!❤️

Have a great Tuesday!



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