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🎄My question for everyone is real tree vs. fake tree, what is your preference?

I prefer “artificial tree” to fake. Lol We bought it 2 years ago now and I am still taking heat from my brother about it. 🙄


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    • I know what you mean… that’s how I grew up, going to the farm to cut one down. But a lot of the tree farms around here are gone. Seems like everywhere I look it’s hazlenut orchards now. I say hazelnuts but Ryan calls them filberts.

      • It’s sad to see things like that disappear. Fake trees are become quite common. My family had a fake tree growing up. Some of them look pretty real!

        I’ve never heard them referred to as “filberts”… 🤔

      • It is sad… yep here in Oregon we call them filberts. We even have a filbert festival each year! But I think everywhere else they call them hazelnuts. Lol

    • Awesome thanks! Ours came with lights too, so it was super easy to set up. I hate vacuuming all the pine needles each year with the real one.

      • Oh that’s a great idea! I will have to get some for my diffuser… 😁👍🏻maybe I’ll look online for some. I feel like I can never get out of the house for shopping. Lol I’m either working or camping… 🤣

  1. I prefer real but for other reasons I go with the fake one. Is very sad to see so many dead trees after Christmas 😞 Thinking at how many years they need to grow and they are so lovely.

  2. For us, it has to be a real tree. The scent is great and each has its own peculiarities when it comes to hanging lights, etc. We cut our own one year, which was fun but a bit of an adventure. Now we just go to one of the local vendors (it helps that Oregon grows lots of Christmas trees 🙂 ).

    • Yes they do! But there are less and less over the past several years near our home. But I do love the smell!!❤️

  3. Real for the smell and just because I like the real trees. It’s fun to go out and pick one and cut it down and then ride home with it. It’s kind of a family thing and traditional.

    • For sure. I’ve had a real tree for all my life until last Christmas. We’d make a whole day of finding the right tree, having hot chocolate and candy canes, then we’d all decorate it together by the fireplace all cozy. I have wonderful, traditional memories of that…

  4. Fake! I don’t trust my cats so I prefer my cute little three-foot pre-lit tree that can sit on my entertainment center and not get destroyed. And I don’t even know where I would find a Christmas tree in Florida. Maybe next year I’ll decorate a palm tree!

  5. Real – as others have said, partly for the smell. BUT also, to be honest, things we all of us do around Christmas quickly become family traditions, so this has become one of ours. And when I am decorating the tree, I think at least once every year how much easier it would be to get them right on a fake tree… Pros and cons all round.

  6. Real tree! Our family tradition has been to go out and pick it out, come home and have the kids all put on the Christmas ornaments on it. I then rearrange it at night. 😏 And the pine scent is just so lovely to have in the house. 💕

      • Oh wow, I bet your home smells so amazing! I need to get myself some pine essential oils that will help I think.

      • The one I have looks just like a little humidifier and I buy super cheap oils.. I can’t burn candles in my home because of the preschoolers so I use a diffuser to make it smell fresh. At least I hope it works… lol

      • Haha! I’m sure it does.
        Yes, I’ve seen them on Amazon, the selection is really large. I have allergies, just like from dust and things and for some reason the candles flare up my allergies. However, I read that the best ones for allergies are the soy and 100% beeswax candles. The Hearth and Hand brand at Target carries them – again, haven’t tried it myself. 🥺😊

      • Ya I’ve heard thAt too, and they put less soot in the air I think. I used to burn candles all the time when I was younger, now I’d be worried my boys would burn the house down! 😂

      • I’d be scared of that too! You never know with kids! They’re doing one thing one minute and then the next, they’re trying to discover something new to do. 😳 I have battery operated tea lights, that’s about as far as I’ve been willing to risk the burning down the house part.
        But I’m definitely wanting to try the essential oils. I’ll look more into it, see what they say about allergies.

      • Good, I hope they work for you!
        I totally have those same battery tea lights. I think they are from target. Lol they flicker like real candles and everything. I love em!

  7. My preference would be Real.. but we have a fake tree.. less mess and to be honest.. I just got tired of paying so much for a real tree. We live in Oregon for Petes sake.. Trees should not be so expensive.. especially when it just ends up in the burn pile after Christmas.
    Our fake tree looks so real that we enjoy it a lot.
    Great post.. interesting feedback.

    • Thanks Jerry! I agree with your entire comment. They shouldn’t be so spendy here, and it is way less mess with the artificial but I do miss having one. 😊

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