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Throwback Thursday~Cashed In All My Scholastic Reading Club Points!

I was just talking about Scholastics with a fellow blogger yesterday and thought I’d post my last year’s book haul! It’s making me excited for next spring already!

I am super excited for the package that just came! 📚We earned a bunch of Scholastic Points all year and we just cashed them all in! If you homeschool little ones or run a home daycare or preschool  you should totally look into setting up an account with Scholastics.89b043fd-8a4a-488f-8939-01680625cdda-e1526335886581.jpeg

For our home daycare-preschool and homeschooling our 10 year old, we have been ordering each month from Scholastics Book Club. They are really affordable and work great for our home. The program is exactly the same as the flyers the children bring home from school each month.

I’d prefer my preschool titles to all be hardbound, but I can’t afford that, so their inexpensive soft cover format works well for us(some titles I will pay for hardbound, but not usually). I probably order between $25 and $50 each month, for the last 8 months.📚

The program works by placing an optional monthly order. Each consecutive month you order the more banked free points you earn. You also earn free books each month as well. If I place a $50 order, I might be able to also select $15 of free books, depending on the monthly deals.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to get with our free points until last week when I realized I had just about all the preschool titles that we want that they currently offer.0da3d45c-1bdb-4126-b21c-29afaf338da4-e1526335828743.jpeg

So I started looking through the YA titles and decided to cash it all in on our summer reading! I say “our” but that’s me being quite optimistic. I will definitely read them all myself and possibly my 10 year old son will read a few.

I wish I would have started this book club years ago in my daycare. Occasionally parents will place an order, but for the most part it is me making the $25 minimum order. If your interested this is the link to setting up an account, e4224bb6-8c1b-4383-b147-5da63ace2217.jpeg

If you have read some of these titles, please tell me what should we read first?! Which of these are your favorites? My son has read the first Harry Potter but none of the rest.bbe6b5a2-7909-451d-b4b0-c09340bee3c4.jpeg

I had to post a blog about this order, I probably sound like a Scholastic Advertisement! But Im just super excited! This shipment has cured my Mother’s Day blues..

Are you a Scholastic fan? Would you stop by the Book Fair when it was time for conferences?


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  1. Of course you homeschool, I should have known this based on all of the cool things you do with your family. I homeschooled all three of mine, all adults now. We loved it!! I also loved Scholastic Books!

    • Awe.. that’s awesome! Yes I am currently homeschooling my 11 yr old, my 8 yr old is in an inclusive small class for his developmental disabilities, which he LOvES, and I homeschooled my oldest 2, now 25 and 22.
      How old are your three adult kids now? Back then when I started, homeschooling didn’t seem as mainstream as it is now.

  2. I’m drooling even though I have read all but two of them. Just to feel new books again. You can’t go wrong with Riordan (okay, you can, but not in Greek mythology), and of course Harry Potter is good although I don’t like the last book.

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