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Scholastic Warehouse Sale!

I had so much fun going through the warehouse sale for Scholastics! It was like 10x the sale they have in the schools each year. Everything was BOGO! Which could have been super dangerous for me since I am obsessed with children’s books!

I ended up with 4 hardbound picture books, 4 soft cover books, 5 board books, 2 chapter books and 3 middle grades! I also got this book bag! 3B7858FA-1033-41A9-80AE-8A9D3AB2D0CF

Most of these titles are for our preschool class but a few for Joey and the one for me. I can’t wait to read them all and of course use this adorable bag! I’m always taking my books with me wherever I go!3526AECE-4E1C-406C-95E4-484C0E3413F1.jpegF3241E5D-5A7C-4229-836A-CC801352F2A1.jpeg

Do you have any of these titles? Have you ever been to a Scholastics warehouse sale? I am definitely going to go next year!

Have a great Sunday!


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    • I have heard so much about the Bad Guys! But I haven’t got Joey to read them yet!
      I love the bag too! I know it’s supposed to be a book bag but I’m just using it as a purse for now. 😊
      Thanks for stopping by!❤️

      • That’s perfect! He’s definitely that! 😊 Fun, maybe I’ll grab it off the shelf this morning and see how it goes with his morning reading. I’ve been wanting to read them myself..

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