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Author: Kathy Stinson7C45EE8B-457B-4844-8C0F-BC6DE5C74928

Genre: children’s books, picture books

Publisher: Annick Press

Pub Date: March 12, 2019

Rating: 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶 🐶


Taken from NetGalley

Meet Zora: a dog with a big dream and an even bigger personality. All Zora wants to do is learn how to fly so she can catch that pesky squirrel in her yard. But try as she might to prove to her friend Tully—a skeptical cat—that dogs truly can fly, nothing seems to work. Until Zora finds the right motivation, that is.

Kathy Stinson’s charming story of perseverance is beautifully brought to life by Brandon James Scott’s exuberant and wonderfully expressive illustration. Touching on themes of optimism and determination in the face of failure, The Dog Who Wanted to Fly is a book anyone—even a cat—will love.


My Review:

The relationship between neighborhood animals can be so entertaining. My guess is Stinson has been inspired by her share of silly behavior out her back door!
In this story, Zora the dog wants nothing more than to catch that pesky squirrel. She tries everything she can think of, still the squirrel chatters on while both the cat and the squirrel watch from above. “That is because…” the cat explains, “dogs can’t fly.”
Now, Zora is determined to show them, yes she CAN fly! But it’s not until Tully the cat is in serious trouble that Zora learns how to really fly through the air.
As an animal lover, it’s hard not to love this adorable story! Look for this picture book early next spring, expected publish date is March 12, 2019.
Thank you so much Annick Press and NetGalley for this advanced copy. My opinions are my own.


Thank you so much Annick Press and NetGalley for this adorable advanced copy!

Happy Reading Friends!❤️


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    • It is! Thanks Jan! 😊 I love watching the squirrels and cats in my neighborhood… and if my dog could catch one she’d be so happy. Lol

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