The White Elephant

It’s a white elephant party hosted by Teresa over at The Haunted Wordsmith. Some lovely gifts have been going around, fairy dust, zombie flamingo yard ornaments and a year supply of presto logs for my campsite. I’m very excited for the rain to let up so we can go have a campfire once again…

But in the meantime I’ve done my own white elephant shopping and have the following gifts…

To Teresa, at the Haunted wordsmith I give… a Kindle with unlimited buying power… any and all books are forever free!


To V. J. Knutsen at One woman’s quest and Nina RVfsmilyadventures I give this old thing.. a few perks come with this RV, it never will run out of gas, and it always gets WiFi and gives plenty of happy vibes…


Actually, im feeling generous this morning….how about kindles and motorhomes for all my followers, I will keep one for myself as well! 🎄

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    • Lol they are the best! So fun… I’m always guilty of giving what I’d want for myself, so I guess books and camping… that’s me!

      • I do the same thing lol! I’ll often do books and then wall art that you can put wine corks into.

        I gotta admit, tho, that a kindle and a RV beat my gifts, big time!!

      • Haha maybe so but they weren’t exactly white elephant. I’m not super creative first thing in the morning. I will think on some good ones today for tomorrow!

    • Lol hahaha I went a bit overboard! Feeling the Christmas spirit I suppose!
      A popcorn ball necklace… now that sounds like the perfect white elephant gift!

  1. We had a white elephant party one year at work and I had never heard of such a thing. I remember I wrapped up a bag of peanuts with the note…”I do not know what a white elephants eat. I am hoping they like peanuts like the gray elephants.” I think I rather be on the other side of your white elephant gift! 😂

  2. I’d love that motor home Lana! Anthony, funny story-I had a party this weekend and I guess it was technically a Chinese gift exchange, the one where you can steal the gifts back. Well, I bought the wall art for wine corks and guess who ended up with it! 😉

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