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The White Elephant

It’s a white elephant party hosted by Teresa over at The The Haunted Wordsmith. Some lovely gifts ideas have been going around, fairy dust, popcorn ball necklaces, and a year supply of presto logs for my campsite. I’m very excited for the rain to let up so we can go have a campfire once again…

But in the meantime I’ve been shopping for a few more white elephant gifts.. here they are!C3FA1DDF-7C9E-4F40-A4F4-EF5368ED5541.jpeg

To Kimmie, at the Keto for Beginners, I give… a year membership to the special cheese of the month club, infused with THC and CBD to make your holidays less stressful and a little more fun. 😇


To Jan at Janbeek I am sending you a dozen magical elves to help you with all your amazing volunteer work you do and a subscription to the jelly of the month club! ❤️


And my last gift today goes to Anthony over at The Home of Anthony Frank. I am sending you a year subscription to the wine of the month club, to inspire and add to your wine cork art ideas!


Have a great day friends!

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  1. Oh my goodness Lana! I love my gift, thank you so much…and Anthony is a lucky duck as well! We should put our gifts together and have a real live party! I do not know how to play, but if I did, I would gift you a year’s supply of Wondermade Bourbon Marshmallows so you could get good and “toasted” by the campfire! Check em out at

    • Cheese and wine would go well together! I wasn’t even thinking of that… awe… that sounds fun! I will go look it up now!

    • Holy cow! That looks fun and yummy! Ryan and I would order a box but they are out of stock! Sounds like something fun to try!! Thank you!😊

  2. I adore that dozen magical elves. I know they will help me as I volunteer. And the subscription to the jelly of the month club will taste on as the season ends. Thanks so much!

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