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The White Elephant

It’s a white elephant party hosted by Teresa over at The The Haunted Wordsmith. I pick 3 bloggers to send white elephant gifts too and you can follow along if you’d like.

No gifts are really given of course, and many of my gifts aren’t exactly “white elephant” either. So basically just have fun with it and check out Teresa’s post each day. She tags some great bloggers you might want to follow!

My first gift goes to Britchy over at Bitchin’ In the Kitchen Your so fun and crazy with some of your ideas I thought this might come in extra handy some day. Just tuck it in your purse and hope you never need it!


My second gift goes to Ruth over at Donteatitsoap this magical fondue set. The yummy cheesy goodness never runs low, is always the right temperature and once your adult children have a taste they will be back visiting again before you know it. Great for all the yummy goodies from your garden!



And my last gift today goes to Ann over at Momlifewithchiari. These essential oils will not only make your home smell warm and cozy but they are infused with a bit of magic. Anyone who breathes in the essential oils will feel happily relaxed. So whenever family life gets extra hectic, simply turn on your diffuser and everyone will fall into a peaceful bliss. I totally need one of these!



Have a great day friends! Hohoho!🎄

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    • Oh good… I’m glad you liked it! Anything that will make our kids come home more is pretty much a winner, right Ruth?! 😊🎄 I hope your enjoying your Saturday!

      • Oh Yes! and mine all love cheese.
        I can see this gift having a snowball effect – first I start adding herbs (garlic, rosemary, hot peppers) then I decide I have to make my own cheese. Then (despite my husband exclaiming that I am “out of control”) we have to get goats or a milk cow so I can use our own milk. (We might even name a goat after you.)
        Then when you and Ryan decide to travel to Michigan for a visit we can sit by the campfire with cold beverage and eat fondue. (You might even get to meet the girls. LOL)

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