Basketball Started This Weekend 🏀

6th Grade Basketball

We will be sacrificing some of our camping weekends for a bit as basketball season is now underway. 😿We have our first jamboree this weekend, 4 games yesterday and 2 more this afternoon. It’s been all basketball this weekend. We almost went over to the coast last night but decided against it. Little boy playing basketball, kids physical activity cartoon vector Illustration

We made a deal with Joe as an incentive to pay him a dollar for every steal and every basket. As of the end of Saturday he had 2 steals and 2 baskets. Sadly they lost all 4 games, but they’ve only been playing together for 2 weeks now and I have a feeling we were playing some teams that have been together for while.


Joey isn’t real tall but he is quick. He just needs to focus on protecting that ball a little better. It sure is fun to watch him play! Even for 6th grade I get pretty wound up watching them. 🙀

So if your wondering where all our camping posts have gone, they will return once basketball season ends, and hopefully we will have a few weekends off here and there and sneak away to our campsite.

Are your kids in sports? Or were they when they were younger? Have an amazing Sunday friends…



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    • Thanks, I love watching him play. He just needs to play more in the off season… I’d love to sign our family up for the ymca but it’s 30 minutes across town. 😾

  1. Enjoy those games and this period in Joey’s life. Our son played basketball and tennis as a kid… and the tennis is a passion and great athletic outlet for him even now… oh, and skiing. Keeps him fit at 50+! Bless you for supporting Joe’s endeavors!

    • Thanks so much Jan! It’s so fun to watch him play. I know in a year or 2 he will turn into a bratty teenager and not like me so much… so I’m enjoying my relationship with him now as much as I can!
      I want to get him into tennis too! That’s great your adult son has stayed with those sports! I need to get Joey some tennis lessons and see if he likes it!

  2. My girls all played BB in 6th grade but by high school my youngest was the only one who stuck with it. They also all started out in band. #3 stayed with that throughout high school and went to college majoring in music theory and composition. #1&4 switched to choir during high school. #2,3 &4 loved drama club and were involved with the school play each year. Those were really crazy days when life had to be planned around school activities. LOL. Enjoy!!!

    • That must have been a crazy family schedule! Wow! 🙀Thank you Ruth! I always love watching him. I want him to learn an instrument this next year too! He’s taken piano lessons for a few months but it fell through with our piano teacher. Maybe next year we can pick up a new instructor! My oldest was big into chess when he was younger and competed in tournaments, that was fun too! Have an awesome Sunday!

      • When the girls were in high school they were responsible for things like making sure I knew their schedule and often finding rides to practices or home. I refused to make extra 10 mile trips to and from the school every day so sometimes one would have to wait around til the other was finished or they might spend the night with a friend who lived in town. I told them if it was important for them to participate then those were things they would have to do.
        They say that kids who learn to play an instrument do better academically. If he likes it – it is definitely worth pursuing.

      • I enjoy hearing your stories of when your kids were younger… 😁 it’s hard raising 4 kids!
        As for Joey and piano, he does like it, but the lessons and practicing, he sometimes complains about. I remember doing that when I was a kid too. Always moaning and complaining about practicing the piano. Lol

      • Thanks Lana. You’re right it is hard raising 4 kids or any number of kids for that matter. I know how fortunate I and they were to have a great support network to help.
        I love when you share stories about your boys as well. I always said “I grew up with all sisters and daughters – I wouldn’t have known what to do if I ever had a boy”. LOL.
        Kara played clarinet all through school but she didn’t get serious about it until her last two years of high school when she had decided she wanted to go to college for music composition. In order to do so she had to have an instrument, she also had to learn piano. It wasn’t until her last year at university when she switched to classical guitar and joined the drum line that she told me that she never really liked playing clarinet.

      • Wow, how cool she took music that far. I always wish I had stuck with my 7 yrs of piano lessons. Lol but I quit in high school.
        Yep and I am envious of having girls! 4 boys was hard on me… lots of legos and video games. The only finger nails I get to paint other than my own has been my little preschoolers that let me! Lol

      • My girls all had lots of hair and I was always brushing and braiding and putting it into pony tails. I said if I had a boy with that much hair what would I do with it???? LOL!

    • That would be nice. 🤞🏻But they have 2 adult brothers that are gamers, and I’m afraid the are being influenced by that a bit.

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