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First Line is my favorite weekly post! Booklovers can share the first line or two of the book you are currently reading, just finished or just randomly grab one off your shelf…💗

Here I go…


On a drowsy Sunday afternoon, a man in a long dark coat hesitated in front of a house on a tree-lined Street. He hadn’t parked a car, nor had he come by taxi. No neighbor had seen him strolling along the sidewalk. He simply appeared, as if stepping between one shadow and the next.

Title: Cruel PrinceF0244E34-1B1E-4013-B97B-7CC4ED1B5384

Genre: YA, Fantasy

Author: Holly Black

Pub Date: January 2018

Pages: 370

Synopsis from Goodreads


Of course I want to be like them. They’re beautiful as blades forged in some divine fire. They will live forever.

And Cardan is even more beautiful than the rest. I hate him more than all the others. I hate him so much that sometimes when I look at him, I can hardly breathe.

Jude was seven when her parents were murdered and she and her two sisters were stolen away to live in the treacherous High Court of Faerie. Ten years later, Jude wants nothing more than to belong there, despite her mortality. But many of the fey despise humans. Especially Prince Cardan, the youngest and wickedest son of the High King.

To win a place at the Court, she must defy him–and face the consequences.

As Jude becomes more deeply embroiled in palace intrigues and deceptions, she discovers her own capacity for trickery and bloodshed. But as betrayal threatens to drown the Courts of Faerie in violence, Jude will need to risk her life in a dangerous alliance to save her sisters, and Faerie itself.


I’d love to hear your thoughts and read your First Line…Even if you don’t have time for much reading this holiday season, grab a book off your shelf and share a first line…

Happy Friday friends & Happy Reading this weekend!💗



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  1. Happy Friday!🎄🎅

    My first lines come from Lowcountry Bookshop by Susan M Boyer…….

    The dead are prone to secrecy. Eighteen years ago, my best friend Colleen took the outbound train to the next world. She’s seen behind the curtain, knows the answers to a great many questions. But since she’s been back in her role as guardian spirit, she can’t share this information with me. It’s against the rules, that’s what she tells me.

    Have an awesome weekend and happy reading!📚😊💕

  2. I’m reading a Holly Black book too! The Darkest Part of the Forest, “Down a path worn into the woods, past a stream and a hollowed-out log full of pill bugs and termites, was a glass coffin.

  3. “Several years ago I found myself in my first year of graduate school, wishing I were somewhere else. Everyone in my classes seemed so smart, so witty, so well read, so eager and able to ask brilliant and insightful questions. I felt like an impostor.”
    Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung, Introduction to Glittering Vices: A New Look at the Seven Deadly Sins and their Remedies

    Published in 2009. I’m reading this as part of the Renovare Book Club 2018-2019

  4. Your book pic is upside down. I haven’t started a new book today, I am still trying to slog through a NetGalley one that has me so annoyed I can only read a 3 page chapter at a time before I am cursing out the author. I am still reading some other great ones though. Still working on The Magician’s Blood which is good but almost seems like it was written by a different author than the first one.

  5. My first line is: It all started one day earlier when a single silenced bullet out if no where. Thomas Hunter was walking down the same dimly lit alley he always took on his way home after locking up the small Java coffee shop on Colfax and Ninth.
    My first line is from the novel Black series by author Ted Dekker in the Black, Red and Green series this title Is the first which is call Black. I’ve never read his work it was recommended to me a friend told me he is there favorite author. I’ll be sure to let other know on my blog! Love this first line Friday! Thanks glad to be a part of it.

    • Thanks for sharing Vicky! That sounds really interesting, I’ve never heard of him before. I’ll have to look him up! Happy Friday to you!

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