A Christmas Goose

The year had been a whirlwind of events for Helen and James. First they were married in January, fell in love with three wonderful children who needed a home and adopted them in May, Helen became a professional artist after giving her first solo gallery opening in August, and James was offered his dream position as Dean of Astrophysics in September, and by October the family had relocated to the small town of Warming River.

It was their first Christmas together as a family and Helen was determined to make it a memorable one. She had always wanted a large home where she could host a Dickens-type Christmas. Every inch of their home was decorated and much of November had been spent collecting family recipes and reading old Victorian cookbooks. She wanted to combine Victorian Christmas with new Dugan family traditions and create something new.

All the recipes called for a Christmas goose. There were no grocery stores that sold geese near her, and she was not going to substitute a turkey or ham for their first Christmas. She did the next best thing – she bought a goose in mid-November that she would take to the butcher a few days before Christmas.

Or so she thought.

As soon as Emily, Declan, and Gracie stepped off the school bus and saw the goose in the backyard, they screamed and …

… ran as fast as their little bodies could carry them! Emily was the first to pick up the fuzzy little critter and nuzzle it. The little goose was so soft and gentle. “It’s my turn, I want to hold him!” whined Gracie.

They all took turns with the goose as they ran inside to thank their new mother for this amazing surprise! “What should we name him?” Asked Declan. “I know, something to do with Christmas!” “Where did he come from?” Emily asked her mom….



Ok, so below are the rules from Teresa over at The Haunted Wordsmith. I will now tag an author that I’ve discovered this week, Julia Ash over at Julia Ash Books.

Have fun!

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