Motivation for Monday

Good morning and Happy Monday Friends! I hope the weekend was good to everyone. We had a stay-home weekend again to get ready for the holidays. Lots of wrapping and planning for the next week! I am definitely missing my trailer at the beach though and can’t wait to be camping again!

A little motivation on Monday morning always gives me a little boost to start the week strong..I hope it inspires you too.


I hope you all head into Monday with lots of positive vibes!👍🏻

Have a great Monday Friends!💗



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      • You too, Lana! And I agree, can’t wait to get back to camping! I actually prefer the fall, winter and early spring timeframe, no bugs, heat and humidity. And, I kind of like cold weather when I camp.

      • Ya, so true! For the Oregon Coast the fall is the best weather here. Right now I am just missing all the critters we saw this summer! I can’t wait to see them on our hikes again!

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