The Amazon Box 📦

For the last week straight we have been watching my neighbor’s front porch. She has an Amazon box that’s been sitting there for just as long. Normally Ryan or I would knock on our neighbors door to let them know. However, we haven’t done that in this situation.

Here is the back story here…

My neighbor to the north of me has been my neighbor for as long as I’ve owned this home(10 +years). As long as we’ve been neighbors she has been one nasty, grouchy lady. We’ve tried to get on her good side with no luck. If my preschoolers ever through a ball over the fence or some bark chips fly in her yard she complains. If my 2 boys are playing outside and they are too noisy she will literally yell at them!😮683046D8-2DD2-4248-9129-921D129A0F85

Over the years all four of us have learned to avoid this woman like the plague. And for the most part we are successful as she doesn’t use her front door practically ever.

Forward to today, it’s very stormy here, sideways rain!! 😇We can’t help but wonder what is in this box and also how long will an Amazon box stay intact with inches of rainfall coming down.

I love all my other neighbors, and I can’t help but wonder, have they noticed this package as well? Are we all avoiding this neighbor? What are you thoughts? Am I going to get coal in my stocking for enjoying this just a teensy bit?!

Feeling a bit ornery this morning…

Happy Tuesday Friends! Check your porch for packages!


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  1. We had a neighbour who was incredibly rude and obnoxious to all… he didn’t like our family because my mum had once reported him to the police for being violent to his partner.
    …one time I saw something that I felt I should point out to the neighbour. He did not have a letter box in his door, otherwise I would have had an easy option. I knocked, he answered the door and swore and slammed the door. I knocked again. He started to rant and shout and swear. I was so determined! I knocked again and again until he finally opened the door looking outraged. At the same time as he started to yell, I yelled: “here are your front door keys – you left them in the lock on the outside of the door!”
    His face! He looked shocked. His face dropped and he thanked me. He said “that was very kind of you”. I was already on my way back to the house but I called out that it was no problem at all.

    If I know I am doing something out of kindness and concern…I will be brave even with someone obnoxious.

    That guy nodded to me every time we passed after that.

    • That is probably the right thing to do, however I avoid conflict like crazy with her. Over the years I have went out of my way to be kind thinking I could wear her down. Nope..
      So I would rather stay home and read my book because she scares me! Lol
      It makes for an interesting topic to discuss…

    • No she isn’t Ill or injured. I see her leave for work everyday. I’m just ornery after years of emotional abuse I guess…

  2. We have a neighbour like that across the road. Being at home all day, I happily accept parcels for any neighbours except her, as she reports the drivers for doing so. We’ve had four dogs while living here, and not one of them has liked her …

    • Ya … I’m the same way. When you are home all day you tend to look out for each other. This particular neighbor has me afraid to even do a good deed for her. Im convinced that some people just don’t want to be happy!

  3. You can’t make everyone happy or have everyone like you. Some people are just plain mean. I have a neighbor that is a pain as well. We had to trim our lime trees real low so he wouldn’t get any of our leaves on his lawn in the autumn. We avoid each other. I think it’s also a matter of lack of intelligence at times. Play deaf as I do. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season. I’m curious to know what’s in that box though.

  4. you have a very natural style of preseting things in a very interesting manner and i love your this style,Lana!
    The flow of your writing is like water-so smooth and straight!
    May God always bless you!

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