Motivation for Monday

Good morning and Happy Monday Friends! I hope the weekend was good to everyone. We had a stay-home weekend AGAIN… mainly because we were too broke this weekend to go camping. Lol Plus it’s been an exhausting December!🤪

I am definitely missing my trailer at the beach though and can’t wait to be camping again! Next weekend we will be camping for sure!


A little motivation on Monday morning always gives me a little boost to start the week strong. Hopefully you are enjoying a 4 day weekend like Ryan and I.

I will be working on my new year resolutions today along with more football games on tv! Oh boy! 😳 Our football team plays their bowl game today so we will be having a small watch party, Go Ducks!

How about you?


I hope you all head into Monday with lots of positive vibes!👍🏻 How will you be bringing in the New Year?

Have a great Monday Friends!💗







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      • Lol!! I still think it’s nonsense.. the auburn player landed on top of the Oregon defender and because he never technically touched the ground he wasn’t ruled down and gave auburn the first down they needed to win the national championship that year…. ducks got hosed in my opinion!

  1. Hey Lana! I love the optimist one, as you know we’ve had some woes as of late. I’m going to do my best to “ring” in the new year rather than kiss the old one goodbye, well… maybe a bit of both 🙂 ha! Happy New Year!!!!!

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