Finally… A Camping Trip!

A No-Kid Weekend🥳

After a very stressful December, Ryan and I have needed some time away to just have some fun together without any responsibilities! So both boys and both dogs will be staying with our support person while we head over to check on our trailer for the weekend. Our trailer has been parked in our leased site at the Thousand Trails in Florence, Oregon.

When we get the chance for a weekend alone we both feel like a couple of kids sneaking away! 🤣


I’ve been missing our camping trips so much over the last 6 weeks. I don’t even think I’ve used my camera once since November. Hopefully I can dust it off this weekend if things stay dry!

We don’t have any plans, we are just going to do whatever sounds fun once we’re there!

I made the mistake of over requesting over the holiday season on my NetGalley account so I will for sure be reading this weekend! I have well over 20 books to be read! 🤪📚UGH!!

What are your weekend plans?

Will you be staying home? Have you taken the tree down yet? What are you reading this weekend? I missed my First Line Friday this morning… this month has just been so hard to keep up with reviewing books, reading and blogging along with work stress and the holidays! Has anyone else struggled through December with your blog?

Have a wonderful weekend Blogging Friends & Happy New Year!



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  1. Tree is long down. Could not wait to get rid of the clutter. We are off to an overnight sleepover at some good friends. Enjoy your camping trip. Allan

  2. I hope you have an amazing weekend!! It’s nice to get away every once in a while.

    We will be spending the weekend taking down our Christmas decorations and prepping for the kids to go back to school next week.

    I’m already ready for May to get here. We’ve already started reserving our camping spots for the summer 🎉🎉

    • I am excited! I will probably spend most of the time in our trailer. But just to get a little coast air and a walk around camp will be amazing!

  3. Have fun, Lana!! 😊
    Yes, I’ve been struggling to catch up for months!! Health issues stalled me but I’m trying to make my way back. I’m reading a book called We Hope For Better Things, and its pretty good so far. The review for it is due on the 7th, but with my busy schedule I don’t think I’m going to make it.🤦🏽‍♀️ Hope the best for me to finish it, okay? 😉

    • I was just thinking of you Ruth! I’m sorry time has slipped away. I had one more bar of soap I found of yours tucked away in our trailer, that I found this morning! Yay!
      I should be paid by either Friday or Monday at the latest and that’s when I’ll put in my order. But I would like to order the same thing… 8 or 10 bars of an assortment! 😁
      I hope you had a wonderful holiday! It’s supposed to be high winds here tonight 60-80 mph! Yikes!

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