Our Weekend Away With Gnorbert

This weekend we were able to escape without any kiddos. A much needed break after a rough December.

Unfortunately it rained all weekend so I didn’t have my camera out. But we still made the best of our time away.. Saturday morning we drove an hour up the coastline just watching the huge waves crash.


Devil’s Punch Bowl


South Jetty…Say hi to Gnorbert! He was destined to be a nerd from birth…with a reference librarian mother, a mechanical engineer father how could he not be nerdy? He seems quite content here, following The Cole’s around on our adventures, as long as he has a good book in his hand(who can blame him).

Friday evening we stopped at the casino on the way into Florence. We donated a few bucks to the slots, had a beer and basket of fries and headed to our campsite.


Gnorbert our gnome was checking out the bar scene. He probably should have left his book at camp…


No whales this weekend, but the waves were massive and we saw tons of logs and debris in the surf. It was so fun to watch!


We went to the favorite bookstore in town on the waterfront and treated myself to a few graphic novels. I can’t wait to read them! Have you read any of these?


Saturday evening we shared a bottle of wine we got from Christmas, so yummy!


A little blue sky and a rainbow this morning after the storm.

Saturday night was supposed to be a heavy wind storm, but either Ryan and I both slept through it or it fizzled out. This morning is our first glimpse at some clear skies. We saw our first wildlife of the new year, one deer and blue heron and tons of harbor seals playing in the surf.


Our favorite coffee shop on the waterfront, River Roasters. The clear sky was short lived and it’s pouring again.

That is our weekend… after reading a few chapters by the fireplace we will go back to camp, pack up and head home. We hope you had a relaxing weekend like we did. We missed out on a campfire due to the rain but this fireplace is pretty cozy as I finish up my post! 

Thanks for stopping by…


See ya next time…










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  1. Love your little gnome! It sounds like a great weekend despite the wet weather. I live far from the coast so when I do get there it doesn’t matter what the weather I take it all in and enjoy! Thanks for sharing!!

    • Thank you! Thanks for stopping by. I complain a bit about the weather, lol, but we had a great time. Get us away from work and stress and Ryan and I always have fun! We are lucky to live about an hour from the coast or the mountains.

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