Throwback Thursday~ Nerdy Beginnings

I thought for Throwback Thursday this week I’d share with you how our gnome came to be so gnerdy…

With a reference librarian mother, and a mechanical engineer father, Gnorbert the Gnerdy Gnome was destined to be a nerd from birth. In fact, he was actually born wearing glasses- much to the consternation of his mother.

But, like any rebellious youth, the young Gnorbert at first resisted his nerdy legacy by attempting to join a number of gangs. However, after being consistently turned down for not meeting the minimum height requirement, and after being picked last for dodgeball at school every time, Gnorbert decided to embrace his nerdiness and apply for a library card. FD190FAC-E35C-4645-91EB-C72BC584857D

Gnorbert’s life would never be the same. He discovered a world of endless fantasy, thrilling adventure, and infinite universes, all of which he will gladly tell you about in obsessive detail.

These days, Gnorbert always has several thick books at the ready because he is a voracious reader, and because it makes him seem taller.

He enjoys the simple life and asks for only two things: that he be allowed to quietly read in the garden(or wherever his new family takes him camping), and that you never, ever, under any circumstances, place him next to a girl. 312DA760-7DE4-4E52-9533-B167FE342865

In case this Gnome or any of his friends interests you, he is from Dawn and Claire, I discovered them on Amazon. This story of his nerdy beginnings came along with the Gnome and I fell in love with the story at the mention of applying for a library card.

Even though this gnome won’t ever be left outside to sit in the garden, he does remind me of my grandmother’s backyard. She would repaint all of her cement statues every year. She had deer, squirrels, toad stools, gnomes and frogs in bikinis! At one point she owned a ceramics studio. I wish I had her artistic talent, but I don’t, instead I read like Gnorbert, toting my books with me wherever we go!

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  1. I just love Gnorbert’s story. My mom bought me an Ohio State gnome for Christmas in 2016…I do not think my wife threw it away yet. LOL. Just kidding, he hangs out on the kitchen window sill waiting for a great football game.

    Have a great weekend!


    • That’s funny! Thanks for stopping by. It’s a cute story. I read your comment to my husband…Now Ryan is saying we need an Oregon Duck Gnome! 🤣

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