Sitting by the Campfire Tonight 🔥

A few pictures from our Saturday…


Ryan watching ducks on the lagoon.


Saturday morning at South Jetty, Florence.


The boys and doggies hanging out in the RV after a long walk on the beach.


Reading along the jetty after our picnic lunch.



Gnorbert’s first camp trip!


Sitting by the fire with Ryan with a glass of wine. 🍷 

We saw a few cool ducks, witnessed a murder of crows, and watched a deer run across the road on our way to the jetty…but that was it for wildlife today. Maybe we will see more tomorrow.

We had a fun Saturday!☀️ Did you have nice weather where you are? How did you spend your Saturday?


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  1. The weather was great here yesterday. Up above freezing for a couple of days as we shift between freeze cycles. Lots of sun. Managed a couple of walks. I guess all this white stuff could look like a beach. Glad you had family time at your campfire. Allan

    • Sounds pretty chilly Allan! 🥶 it helps if the sun is out for sure! Thanks for stopping by. Have a great Sunday!☀️

  2. We received a foot of snow yesterday but are enjoying it very much. Lot’s of snowmen, snow ice cream and snow forts all around town, and of course, plenty of reading by the fire.

    • Oh wow, that sounds wonderful! If we get snow here at all we feel pretty lucky since were only about 500 ft above sea level in Eugene.
      It sounds like your making the most of the storm… a winter wonderland! ⛄️

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