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Scholastic Book Box 📦

I’m super excited for this month’s book box! We didn’t have any children’s picture books or board books we wanted so I took this month to order some middle grade books! 🤩


Has your family read any of these?

Lately I have been really enjoying graphic novels, so I’m super excited to get started on these… Do you enjoy them too? Do you have one you’d recommend?

Happy Reading Friends!



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    • Me too! I guess that’s why I still love ordering for our preschool from them. Brings back good memories. 😁👍🏻Happy Reading friend! 😊

    • Uh oh… ok, good to know. Hopefully not too sad. Thanks for stopping by! I am excited to read it!! 🥰📚Happy Reading!

  1. Lana, I haven’t read any of the books from your Scholastic haul but I am really looking forward to both of Sayantani DasGupta’s books! I may also have to check out Sheets. It seems like everyone really enjoyed that one.

    • For sure! It seems like a hit! I am so looking forward to it! I think it will be my Saturday read! Thanks for stopping by Cece!

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