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We had the best time watching The Lion King! It was the most spectacular show I’ve ever seen! The opening and closing scenes especially made me a little emotional, but I kept it under control. Lol

The costumes, the acting, the dancing, the music and singing, it was incredible and quite overwhelming!🥰 Both Ryan and I were in heaven! Maybe me just a little bit more than Ryan…

To all of you that commented yesterday on how I was going to love it, you are sooo right! I had no idea!! 09D1D9DC-8A49-42A1-93AA-790D9C54198B

We had amazing seats, sitting about 10 rows back in the orchestra on the isle. My parents did such an awesome job picking the seats! We had animals walk right past us and performers singing right next to us!

One thing that really surprised me was how the musical followed the movie so closely. In many parts it was word for word along with the movie.

I am so thankful to my parents this morning for giving us this experience! Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you guys so much!❤️


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    • Awe how sweet of you Grace. Yes my parents really surprised me… I got a bit teary when I opened it on Christmas!
      That was our one night on the town for the year! Now back to camping! Lol

  1. I have had a number of incredible theatre experience with my parents. Here are some of them:

    Five dates with my mom: Wicked on Broadway, Phantom of the Opera on tour, Pippin on Tour, Les Mis in the West End, and Oklahoma at community college

    One date with my dad: Wicked on tour

    Girls night out ( I like to call these when it is just my mom, my sister and I with no dad): Sound of Music on tour, and the most recent Lion King on tour.

    Then there are the times where all four of us went together (does not happen as much today): the most recent time that happened was 2016 (I believe)

    And, glad to see that you loved Lion King- the aisle in the orchestra is the best seat

    • Thanks so much for sharing! I see that Wicked is coming to Eugene in the end of July! I am hoping we can go to that too! I’m guessing you’d recommend that one as well? I don’t really know anything about it..

      • Yes- I love Wicked more than Lion King. All I have to say about Wicked, it is a powerful story about friendship and acceptance. Wicked is the musical responsible for sparking my love for musicals

        It is basically a prequel to the Wizard of OZ- of how the Wicked Witch of the West of the West and Glinda the Good came to be- it is basically about their relationship.

      • Oh my gosh! If you liked it better than Lion King I have to see it! I feel like I am instantly a huge fan of musicals now too!
        I have one childhood memory of going with my mom to see Annie and I loved it so much! But that was probably 35 years ago. Lol

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