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Author: Jarrett KrosoczkaC7EC06B8-2E88-484E-B749-9614BF42E89C

Genre: graphic novel

Pub Date: 2018

Rating: 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


Taken from Goodreads

Hey, Kiddo is the graphic memoir of author-illustrator Jarrett J. krosoczka. Raised by his colorful grandparents, who adopted him because his mother was an incarcerated heroin addict, Krosoczka didn’t know his father’s name until he saw his birth certificate when registering for a school ski trip. Hey, Kiddo traces Krosoczka’s search for his father, his difficult interactions with his mother, his day-to-day life with grandparents, and his path to becoming an artist. To date, nearly one million people have viewed Krosoczka’s TED Talk about his experience. Artwork from his childhood and teen years will be incorporated into the original illustrations for the book.


My Review:

I didn’t know anything about this book before I picked it up at the library. It is a heavy topic as Jarrett writes about his rough childhood being raised by his grandparents because his mother was a heroin addict and he didn’t know his father. This isn’t what I normally read but I think it was his artwork that made me check it out.

This graphic novel touched me in so many ways. First of all the artwork was amazing, and I loved the flow of the book as he takes you through his childhood. Jarrett’s account of growing up is so real and honest that you can’t help want to read more. He ties in lots of eighties culture from video game cheat codes to Wayne’s World references that took me back to my own childhood. 

Jarrett’s grandparents weren’t perfect, but they were there and they encouraged his love of art, and through all his adversity his art saved him. I also think it shows everyone that the definition for family is unique to us all. ❤️

I am planning to buy this book for my niece. She has had a similarly rough childhood and also happens to be an amazing artist. I hope this story inspires her!

Thanks for writing it Jarrett! I am so impressed by your honesty and talent!

If you like graphic novels or know someone who had a rough childhood, this might inspire them too!

Happy Reading Friends!❤️



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