Throwback Thursday~ Thinkin’ of summer vacation…We enjoyed our last day of vacation by the park and pool…

(July 2018)Fort Rock Park Picnic

We had somewhat of a family meeting on how to spend our last day of vacay. We’ve done the river float several times and we were planning on it today, but we ended up going for a relaxing(In theory) afternoon instead.

We took our frisbee, rocket launcher and Subway lunch to the park for a picnic… I finished my book and we played frisbee for hours in the green grass.



Thousand Trails Pool

After Fort Rock Park we came back to go swimming at the campground pool. I took out by GoPro and we all took some fun pictures and had a great time at the pool.


Sunriver for dinner

After the pool we went in the Sunriver for dinner and live music. My parents bought us dinner, so sweet of them! We all got some cheap sweat shirts and I found some adorable earrings! I never shop for myself, so this was quite the treat! The boys got one run on the bumper cars and that was the grand finale of our vacation!

We are going to wake up Sunday and cry our eyes out as we pack up to go home.. 😆 Thanks for following our Sunriver Thousand Trails vacation.

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  1. This post reminds me of what I am going to do next week.

    My mom and I on Thursday are going to St. Louis to see my grandma. During the time, my mom and I are seeing Fiddler on the Roof at the gorgeous Fox Theatre. Fiddler on the Roof is the 2nd musical (for sure) I am seeing at the Fox Theatre- the last one was Annie. I love that theatre. Fox Theatre after all is not a typical theatre I go to since I live in Charlotte so it will be fun going back. I love St. Louis- it is a meaningful city to me.

    • Thank you so much. We are right in the middle of winter right now, and I am desperately waiting on spring to come! I can’t stand all the rainy gloomy days…

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