Away for the Weekend☀️

We will be heading back to our campsite near Florence, Oregon again this weekend. We are super excited for this trip for 2 reasons, we have no kids 😎or doggies with us and it’s supposed to be 60’ and sunny! ☀️ 60’ for the Oregon Coast in winter is as good as it gets!


My mom took this this week… 

My camera is all charged, Ryan’s surfboard is strapped on the Yukon, drinks are packed and more than enough books to keep us entertained all weekend! Hoping we will see some wildlife this time, but more than anything, I just can’t wait to be sitting by the campfire with Ryan…

What is the weather like where you are for the weekend?

Have a wonderful weekend friends!❤️



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  1. Enjoy your coastal experience. We are leaving the 77 degrees desert comfort, returning home to 30 degree Montana. You know, each has its own beauty.

    • Absolutely! I still hope for one or two snow days here in the valley… I hope you enjoyed your vacation Jan! Safe travels!

    • Hooray is right!! ☀️🔥🥰 Can’t wait! We leave at 4 today, and we’ll just barely make it to camp before dark. 😁

    • Oh boy, ya that’s what we get here all too often in the winter…40 and rain. Thanks Allan! I hope you have a great weekend!☀️

    • Thank you! I’m crossing my fingers I can get some fun pictures. We haven’t seen much over here this winter so far. But my battery is all charged up, just in case! 😁 we just got to camp a few minutes ago. Ryan’s chopping firewood and I’m unloading. It’s chilly! 🥶 were gonna need one heck of a campfire tonight! Lol Have a great weekend yourself!

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