Man, Do We ❤️…Saturday!

Saturday Morning hike out to the jetty… it was low tide and no wind. Just amazing…


For anyone living with chronic pain or anxiety, getting away from all of life stresses can be so therapeutic and healing. I never feel better than when we are camping. 


Ryan caught a few waves…


We were the only people out here first thing in the morning. ❤️


Except for the seals and seagulls.

We took a late morning hike at the campground and around the lagoon. We saw so much wildlife here this summer. We saw foxes, coyotes, deer, a bear, eagles, herons, egrets, beavers, otters, and a Muskrat.

Winter here is much different though, less animal activity for sure. The camp host says the foxes are still around, but we have yet to see any since October.



Our favorite lil trail.. 


This lil fella was right along the side of the trail. A chubby lil critter for January. 🥰

The next few photos aren’t real clear, I’m still learning. But we did see a bald eagle and juvenile circling over the lagoon when we first arrived. You can see how amazingly clear it was this morning. Unfortunately, they both circled a few times and then took off.



My weekend read… it’s based on a true story of the author’s mother. So powerful and so far, I love it.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope this post finds you enjoying your weekend as well…


Happy Camping!🥰


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    • That’s great! We didn’t hike too far but enough to get our 10k steps in! Mostly we just enjoyed being outside…

      • When I was still a college student, I studied abroad for two weeks over the summer in Costa Rica. We spent part of the time in the Monteverde Rainforest Perserve- that is where we did the hiking- one day was hiking and one day was canopy zip-line

      • You are a lucky duck! Sounds awesome.. great experiences I’m sure. I hope my kids all get to travel too!

      • In 2015, the adult choir at my family church was in residence (which means to sing) at the Bristol Cathedral for about a week. Both the choir and friends went on this Bristol Pilgrimage. Every day, we went on these day trips to places such as Bath, Berkeley Castle, Chepstow Castle, Tintern Abbey, and on their day off, all of us pilgrims got to go to Stonehenge, Old Sarum, and Evensong at Salisbury Cathedral.

        This pilgrimage started in London before heading to Bristol. Windsor Castle, walking tour of London, Eucharist at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

        There was free periods at times. My family went up two days early to get well adjusted to London.

      • Wow, how cool! I’ve never traveled far from Oregon. Mostly I just grew up a camping girl. Maybe down the road my travels will take me further from home. Sounds like you have some great memories… 😊🥰

  1. So glad you are out and enjoying your beautiful weather this weekend. My daughter called me from Seattle yesterday morning she said it was sunny and 36 degrees so she decided to walk the 20 minute walk to work. She got out of Michigan just in time. LOL. She said she may be falling in love with Seattle. (Of course I hope not because it is way too far from home.) Enjoy the rest of your weekend Lana. 🙂

    • Thanks Ruth, I know what you mean… my oldest did some Navy training on the east coast and I hated it when he felt so far away. But I do love Seattle, I love watching the ferries..

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