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We weren’t sure what to do this weekend since it was supposed to rain. So we came up with a planetarium show, lunch out for taco’s at Tacovore, and a stop at the bookstore for a cookbook I’ve been needing and some valentine crafts. Not quite as cool as sitting by the campfire…but it’ll have to do. 🔥

Jayden( age 8) said his card he made was for a girl named Valerie at school. ❤️So cute! But sadly his school doesn’t even allow Valentine’s Day parties anymore. Is that for all public school’s now? What do you think? Should they allow Valentine’s Day Parties or am I being insensitive to the people that don’t want to recognize the holiday. I just think it is a fun time to bring cards and small gifts to friends at school. I have fond memories of my school parties.5064EF1C-88FC-49AF-8C11-2C46FE2A6589


This picture was taken on a spring day, below is what it looks like in winter..


Looks a bit dreary for winter, but it’s fun inside!



This is a place Jayden often goes during the year with his support person. An annual membership works great. He is so busy, he can go from one activity to the next whenever he wants. Today it was really crowded.

The show we saw was a short presentation about what is visible in the night sky this winter. All four of us learned a few things, even Jayden, who couldn’t seem to sit still for 10 seconds, and kept obsessing about having a sleepover later in the evening. Whenever he gets excited about anything, he can’t stop thinking about it, its on an endless repeat in his brain.

A few things we took away from the show…

  • Mars is visible in the night sky currently, very cool! 😎
  • Neptune is only gases, no land (I feel like I should have known this already, I must have forgotten).
  • It takes Neptune about 165 earth years to orbit the sun, that’s a really long year!
  • The other amazing fact we, or I learned, is that Jupiter has 79 moons. 🌙

After the show we were all starving, so we went out to our favorite taco restaurant, Tacovore. B7A4D6FF-3094-4CA6-ADD2-CA8637B827F0

It is always a hit or miss when we come here. Sometimes its so crowded the line is out the door, but today it was perfect, minus a little attitude from the boys. The boys’ attitude-also a hit or miss thing.

Next it was the bookstore for a cookbook I have used more than any other, just the classic Better Homes and Gardens all time favorites. I gave it away when I became vegan a few years ago and although I am still mostly vegan, I cook for people that aren’t. Plus there are just those occasions where I just need to make some yummy comfort food.

The bookstore was having a Valentine event with tables for various crafts. Joey was too old or “cool” for this, but Jayden was all over it!

Then it was home for a few hours before Joey had a basketball game and both boys were planning sleepovers at our house. Joe didn’t win their game but Its been a full day!

You know your getting old when a few hours before bed, you go in and turn on your electric blanket so its all cozy.

It was a great day overall, but I kept thinking about our campsite, I hope we will be there next weekend. How was your Saturday?

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday friends!



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  1. I love electric blankets! ‘im indoors won’t let me have one because I sleep with it on. He’s a meanie! I have a lovely collection of cookbooks. I had to leave a lot behind in England that I miss. I have replaced a few but not all. It’s fun sitting looking through them for inspiration 😊
    Sounds like a great day!

    • Thanks Britchy, you are a much better cook than I am. I get discouraged my picky eaters, (both the boys) they drive me insane. But I would love to know what your favorite cookbook is!

      • I have a couple of stalwarts that I literally taught myself to cook from. The Delia Smith complete cookery book (she was an 80’s UK tv cook) and a UK version of Good Housekeepings complete cook book. I have others I love.. actually this would be a good post as I could share the exact editions of everything that I love most!

      • That’s a great post idea! Everyone that reads your blog knows your a great cook! Can’t wait to read it! 👍🏻☀️

      • Lol! The bad thing is that college baseball starts this month.. but we don’t see it on tv until the season is halfway over…

      • I like baseball too, Ryan just doesn’t care for it as much. But basketball… oh yes! We will be filling out our brackets just around the corner… lol

  2. My Saturday was great. I enjoyed time with my granddaughter, her husband, and my 20 mo. old great-grandson. The bad weather held off here in NW Montana until today (Sunday). Now we’re supposed to go to a Super Bowl party, but it’s snowing an inch an hour. I’m not sure the road up the Tobacco Root Range to the party house will be visible or navigateable. It’s pretty, though. (Is navigateable a word??) 🤪

  3. I’m with you, Lana. I see nothing wrong with Valentines Day parties in school. Without getting too deep, HA, just think if we were to address all the “things” that make everyone uncomfortable, we’d all be stuck in a bubble with nothing, well, except for those who are uncomfortable with bubbles 🙂

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