Motivation for Monday

Good morning and Happy Monday everyone!

A little motivation on Monday morning always gives me a little boost to start the week strong. I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

I hope these inspire you!




I hope you all head into Monday with lots of positive vibes!👍🏻

Have a great Monday Friends!💗


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  1. Thank you. My Monday will be eventful. This morning I will help an elderly guy with a few errands (heck he’s a year younger than I am, but he is losing his short-term memory, lives alone, and needs assistance) – and then this afternoon my hubby and I are driving in this heavy Montana snowstorm to Anaconda (see my blog today to find out why).

    • You are always helping people Jan! Your so kind… 😊I will definitely check out your blog later! Have a wonderful day! Drive safe!

      • We had a safe but rather scary drive with lots of white-outs! But we are home safely and Chris is tucked comfy in his bed at Job Corps. Thanks for your good wishes.

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