A Weekend Project

Good morning! Happy Sunday blogging world.

We didn’t go camping this weekend, we were basically snowed in. Not the kind of “snowed in” where you GET snow, but the kind where everywhere around you does. Not even an inch in Eugene but if you drive 30 minutes in almost any direction they have inches of accumulation. We were really hoping for a snow day tomorrow, but it’s not looking like it as of Sunday morning.


We got this Saturday

We opted for a house project

If you’ve been following my blog for long you might remember when my freshwater fish tank started leaking water all over my living room carpet this summer. We had to scramble to save the fish and soak up the water. I did manage to find someone to take my fish which was a relief. They were quite large as I’d had them for years.

This weekend we finally replaced that fish tank. It’s the same size, 50 gallon, but we are switching it to a salt water tank. I am super excited to have some tropical looking fish and maybe some coral if I can figure it all out and keep up all the water changes and cleaning.

Here was our Saturday


The tank was cloudy all evening and is finally starting to clear up this morning.


Now we wait…

The tank won’t be ready to add fish until next weekend. I am hoping to get a light that will support coral and whatever fish we would want. Only problem is the light we want is more than the actual tank cost, so we will see…

We will probably start out with a clown fish and a damsel fish and see how it goes, I’m told those are hardier and less expensive.

This was our weekend fun, what have you been doing this weekend? Do you have a bunch of snow? Do you have a salt water tank? I’d love to get some tips if you do…

Enjoy your Sunday!




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  1. If I had space for one I’d get a beta fish but I want to be able to put him in a 5 gallon tank but our current house doesn’t have space. Can’t wait to see the tank full of fish!

    • Thanks Laci, I can’t wait to get some too! As long as I’ve had my daycare, we’ve had a fish tank. I love em!

  2. Oh wow, this is awesome! I love the decorations you’ve got in there, it looks amazing. I used to really like our old fish tank, I always found it relaxing to wash the little fishies. Clown fish are fairly hardy and really pretty to look at, so I hope you enjoy the new additions when you get them =]
    Caz xx

  3. I just got my first ever tank this past Friday, its only a 10G and we are starting with freshwater tropical fish, guppies, cory cats, and tetras. Maybe a community Betta one day in the near future. I feel like the nitrogen cycle takes FOREVER though. Does the salt water still need to cycle through the nitrogen cycle too?

    • Ya we set up the tank last Saturday and we will probably get our first fish this Saturday…we will probably just get two.
      I was told that for a salt water tank we can have one fish per 10 gallons of water. Not a lot. I will also have to test the water more often and swap out a quarter of the water each week. I hope I don’t kill the fish! Lol

  4. I did leave a comment here before the other day but it’s not showing up so I’m not sure if you got it..? Might have gone to spam folder because WordPress seems to be doing that to a lot of my comments lately 🙁

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