Motivation for Monday

Good morning and Happy Monday everyone!

A little motivation on Monday morning always gives me a little boost to start the week strong. I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Since a great deal of us in the US are dealing with some heavy winter weather I thought I’d post some winter inspiration!

We haven’t got any snow (yet), but it has been colder than normal.

I hope these inspire you!



If the sun comes out, soak up some rays! ☀️ 


I hope you all head into Monday with lots of positive vibes and at least a few breaks in the clouds!☀️

Have a great Monday Friends!💗


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    • That sounds heavenly! We have pouring rain and about 36. So frustrating! I wanted today to be a no school day! Lol

      • I hope we have a good spring this year. Last year, spring was like a month of 4 season weather and then it went straight into the dog days of summer…

      • Ya I know what you mean. Usually it rains all spring here, but the Oregon coast is often nice in spring. I can’t wait to get back to camping!

      • I’ve always wanted to go to the rainforests out there. It’s fascinated me since I was a kid!

      • One place about an hour and a half from home is Silver Creek Falls. It’s a rainforest with about a dozen waterfalls to hike to. Just spectacular!

      • Spring is the best time to go, when the waterfalls have the most water. I didn’t make it there last year, but I do love it.

  1. Needed this!! Been agesss since I last blogged and interacted with you guys, hope all is well and your blog has come so far!! Just posted for the first time in a while so thanks for the motivation, all the best!!!

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