Top 10 Tuesday~Valentine Preschool Books and Activities

With Valentine’s Day this week we’ve been reading lots of Valentine stories and doing lots of crafts.

These are the go to Valentine books that I pull out for February.


Curious George is my favorite!❤️

A beautiful story about Love, I picked up at the latest scholastic fair, Love. And also Guess How Much I Love You…

Here are some of our crafts we’ve been working on…



We lamenated these heart design bookmarks 

We will be having a party on Thursday and kiddos will take home a homemade card and flower for their mom or grandma. We will be finishing those up tomorrow.

I’m so glad I can still celebrate these little holidays, unlike many public schools now. Even my son’s homeschooling coop is not allowing valentine cards to be exchanged. I have fond memories of holiday parties when I was in elementary school. My mom was always a room mother bringing in goodies, embarrassing me. Lol

Ryan and I have decided to stay home on Valentine’s Day, no special date planned. Instead we will go to the coast for the 3 day weekend coming up! Hopefully finding some dry weather so we can all sit by the campfire together and roast marshmallows! 🔥

What are you plans this Valentine’s Day? Do you have some picture books or crafts to share? I’d love for you to share your link below…



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  1. We had hundreds of books when I was growing up, including dozens for each holiday or milestone (e.g. first day of school, birth of a sibling, etc.). Though I don’t recognize any of the covers here, your post evoked so many happy memories for me. 🙂

    My mother has kept them for 25+ years just in case she one day has grandchildren. I can’t help but wonder how relevant some of the books will be a generation after publishing haha!

    • Awe… I’m so glad. That sounds wonderful! There isn’t a lot of books for Valentine’s Day that I’ve fallen in love with over the years. At least not like the books I have for Christmas and Halloween!
      My oldest son is 25, and I have many books from when he was a baby. Some I am quite attached to! I bet those your mother has will be so fun to go through one day!
      I have fond memories of story time when I was little. My parents would try to skip pages at bedtime, and I would always call them out on it. Hahaha

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