What Are Your Weekend Plans?

We have went back and forth 3 or 4 times about our weekend plans. We are heading into a 3 day weekend, but most of it will be spent in the rain.

So our final decision is…

Oh, what the hell! Let’s go camping in the rain!🤪

We may not even be able to have a campfire but we will make the best of it. We will have internet, probably rent a few Redbox movies, bring our board games and maybe find a cool puzzle in old town to work on.

The North Jetty is closed.

The drive down to the beach that we take every time we are camping in our spot, is closed for repair. Part of the road has washed away and isn’t scheduled to open for about 7 more weeks. This is a huge bummer! Parking down along the jetty is my favorite spot to read a few chapters while I watch the waves and seals. This is also where Ryan parks to go surfing.

Redbox, books and board Games!

We rented a few movies… Venom and The Old Man and the Gun. I’m looking forward to seeing a Robert Redford movie, I haven’t seen him in a movie in so long. I am finishing up the second half of Revenge of Magic, a middle grade book from NetGalley. I am also reading a mg graphic novel called Drama. We brought Sequence,   Trivial Pursuit, The Scrambled States of America and Catan.

Friday evening

Our trailer was in great condition but our campsite was pretty flooded in spots. It’s been raining all week so I knew it was going to be wet! Our trailer is a hybrid. So it has canvas beds that fold out like a tent trailer. So that makes for a noisy night when it rains all night long. Ryan found that if we put 2 beach towels across the top of the canvas, it isn’t nearly as loud.


I’d take a picture of our trailer in the rain, but it hasn’t stopped yet. 

What are your weekend plans? How’s the weather where you are? Have a wonderful weekend!



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    • Lol Thanks Jan. We took a vote and even the kids wanted to go. I think we all just needed to get out of the house for a few days.

  1. Shoveling more snow (3 inches last night) and going to a house warming. At least that activity has warm in it, even if our weather does not. Cheers and enjoy the weekend. Allan

  2. Oh, you asked what we’re doing… It’s a quiet Presidents’ Day weekend here. Beautiful sun sparkling on the snow- inviting us to venture somewhere. Finally got the snowdrifts shoveled out. So we CAN venture out without getting stuck. We’ll have to come up with something. Enjoy your “camping in the rain!”

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