Glamping in the rain🎶


Short little rain clouds would come through camp, but Ryan still managed to keep the fire going! 


The boys talked us into letting them bring the xbox this trip. 🙃



Crazy camper, drinkin’ beer in the rain. 


We were so excited to see this little fox, right where we used to see him last summer. A camp host told us this fox had a litter of four in the fall, but she hasn’t been spotted in a while. Hoping we see more of them.

Ryan and I had just parked where we normally look for animals. And the conversation went, “well this would be a great time to see a fox! There is a break in the rain, a little clearing, and they got to eat sometime…” And as soon as I said that, there he was, crossing the road. I wish I had more time to zoom in and focus. He definitely wasn’t waiting for me. We waited here long enough for him to run back across the road a few minutes later. Unfortunately, even though I was ready for a picture, he was in a big hurry and I couldn’t get a better shot.

Here are some of the fox pictures we’ve taken in the fall…




We will be back here in the morning to try our luck with this foxy momma..

Hope your staying warm and dry. Thanks for stopping by!



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