Keepin’ Warm and Keepin’ busy…

Sunday started out with a mixture of snow and hail on the ground at the beach and super chilly in the mid 30’s.

But we were happy to just have the skies clear up!


First thing in the morning Ryan and I went on our little drive in search of wildlife. We did manage to spot a sea otter on the river, but he was swimming away from us and we couldn’t track him down again. That was all we saw.

After getting back to camp and cleaning up a bit, we decide to drive north along the coastline up to Newport. We went down to the jetty, walked the doggies on the beach, watched a bunch of fishing boats, then went to Nye Beach for lunch at one of our favorite Irish pubs. Fishing must be really good right now, everyone had a pole in their hand and the seals were everywhere!




Lunch and a cold beer at Nana’s Irish Pub.


This time of year there just isn’t a lot to do outside our trailer, so we tried(really hard) to be creative…

  • We stopped in at the local bowling alley on Saturday, but they were busy with league play.
  • Boys played their Xbox, but struggled with taking turns. 🤪
  • We rented some Redbox movies, but didn’t end up watching them.
  • Walked through old town while it sprinkled.
  • Joey and I picked out a 1000 piece Smurf Puzzle at a toy shop, and we worked on for a few hours.
  • Ryan tried to keep a fire going most evenings despite the cold rain.
  • Went on several walks around camp.
  • Finished a book
  • Wrote a few blog posts.
  • Finished Sunday evening off with a dip in the hot tub.

All of these things beat staying home. I’d just end up cleaning and working on the business.


We’re not exactly bowlers, but it was worth a shot.

Florence is a small town on the Oregon coast with a population of nearly 10,000. So indoor entertainment is limited here. I think the closest movie theater is in Newport, an hour north. So it’s either go to the Indian casino or go bowling. Ya, that’s pretty much it. 🤨


Trying to be a trooper and hang out with Ryan in the rain…


Ryan and Jayden hiked the dunes.

Over all it was a fun weekend! We made the most of our time off and we are definitely counting down the days until spring!

I hope your weekend was a fun one too! We will be heading home this morning…



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  1. Lana, I love this! I tell people all the time the you don’t have to be “outdoorsy” to love the RV life. I know you guys love your outside time, but so awesome to see everyone just wanting to be together, no matter what! That’s what it’s all about 🙂

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