Top 10 Tuesday~ 10 Graphic Novels

Lately I’ve enjoyed reading several middle grade Graphic Novels. I thought I’d put together a list of ones I’m either really excited to read, or have enjoyed recently..



So far this has been my favorite middle grade GN I’ve read. Two sisters relocate with their family to a town in Northern California that happens to have ghosts. It’s not scary, instead it’s more of a feel good story, tying in Hispanic culture, traditions and art, as the girls learn how to celebrate Día de los Muertos. Beautiful Day of the Dead artwork!


This is a cute GN following along the classic story. It’s a quick and adorable read.


Marjorie is 13 and has to pull her weight around the family run laundromat that happens to be haunted. But don’t worry, it’s not haunted in a spooky kind of way… Wendell happens to be a friendly ghost.


I have yet to read this one. But I was sold on it being written by Victoria Jamieson, author of Roller Girl.


This Newbery Honor gn is a great story about family and competitiveness! I started this novel knowing nothing about roller derby and loved learning a bit about the sport. This artist happens to be from Portland, Oregon and play for the Rose City Rollers! How cool is that?!


I have this one waiting for me to read…Have you read it yet? 


This was a fun one, with mostly black and white art. I was expecting more MG content but I wouldn’t recommend this for middle graders, probably more like YA. But still fun!


I have this on my “to be read” shelf as well. I picked this book up in one of my favorite bookstores in old town, Florence, Oregon. Flipping through it… it has adorable art!


This is a great MG GN! Two very different sisters, Bri is the brainy one, and Izzy is the dreamer. The book alternates chapters between the two sisters. Adorable!


This is a cute middle school story about theater. Callie loves theater and has so many ups and downs while preparing for their next performance. This was cute, but not quite as entertaining for me as Ghost. 

Have you read any of these? Do you have any that you’d recommend? I’d love to talk about your favorites…



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  1. Oh how I loved reading Anne of Green Gables. 😊 I didn’t read it, or should I say listen to it, until adulthood, but it was such a feel-good kind of book. The voice of the narrator truly brought it to life. I’m glad youngsters can experience a condensed version.
    Thanks for sharing, Lana. 😊

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