What Are Your Weekend Plans?

For a few reasons, we will be staying in town this weekend.

As much as we love to camp and get away for the weekend, Joey has his last of the season basketball game before his tournament, and all the surrounding areas still have plenty of snow and down trees.

But if not for those two things, I’m pretty sure we’d be packing a cooler right about now.

On a good note, despite the snow outside our window, it is finally MARCH!  So we finally made it out of the depths of winter! 🥳

Technically still winter, but close enough!

My 11 year old son, Joey is having a sleepover tonight and we are having tacos for dinner. We will most likely put on a family movie or just watch a basketball game. Jayden my 8 year old will be helping me bake some cookies. Fun stay-at-home stuff!

Books, Books, Books

I am trying to finish up an adorable middle grade book from NetGalley called Caterpillar Summer, which comes out in April. Super cute! Then I have graphic novel to read that is on Teresa and my 2019 reading challenge, All’s Faire in Middle School.

At the beginning of the year we each picked 12 books to put toward a challenge together. Here is the list we came up with…

The Stars Beneath Our Feet


The Forgetting Spell

Splendors and Glooms

Wolf Hollow

Greenglass House

The Someday Birds


The Neverending Story

Better Nate Than Ever


Fish In A Tree

The House With Chicken Legs

Three Bird Summer

Ghosts (read)


All’s Faire in Middle School

Roller Girl (read)

Positively Izzy (read)

The Cruel Prince

Sheets (read)

Hour of the Bees

The Invention of Hugo Cabret (read)


Have you read some of these?

Teresa is a great writer, check out her blog over at The Haunted Wordsmith

It’s going to be just a laid back weekend for us.

Because of the snow we only had preschool on Friday. Which means most of our chores are done for the week. We ended up having about 18 inches of snow total here, which shut down a good part of our state for almost a week. Some people are still without power.

What are your weekend plans? How’s the weather where you are? Have a wonderful weekend!



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  1. The Girl & The Boy will keep me & The Boss busy. Pinewood Derby, volleyball practice, school projects. I think we have a Cub Scout campout coming up soon, maybe April. Alas, not much time for reading this weekend. Enjoy yours!

  2. Had friends over for dinner tonight. Headed to bed early. Can’t watch TV on more minute. Too much turmoil on the screen. No plans for tomorrow. Church Sunday … and s return of at least one of our students in our pre-school to 1st grade Sunday School class. Yay! The highlight of our week! Enjoy your weekend. I may bake cookies, too.

    • Fun! Enjoy your weekend! I’m thinking of making oatmeal raisin. What kind are you baking? 🍪

      • I love peanut butter cookies! Joey isn’t a chocolate fan so he usually asks for snickerdoodles, but I bet he would like peanut butter too!

  3. We’re going on vacation! Leaving cold/suddenly snowy Colorado and taking a road trip to the Grand Canyon, and then Scottsdale, AZ to watch some baseball. Looking forward to some warmth and a little adventure! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. It keeps raining where I live!! I’m actually okay with the rain. Anything is better than the blistering heat for me. I never look forward to the hot weather because my body hates it. 🤦🏽‍♀️
    I’ve been taking one day at a time since my health has been on the decline of late, and coupled with the chronic pain issues I can’t plan many things in advance so not sure what my weekend will look like, but I’m hoping I’ll get to enjoy some of it. 🙂

  5. Ha! Here in the UK we have just had a very unseasonal week of sunshine with the highest temperatures ever recorded here for February. Now we await the arrival of storm Freya. So I expect that I will be banking up the open fire in the house and hunkering down with some crochet while my son and husband have a weekend of playing football (soccer) planned. Although our weather wont be anywhere as near as severe as what you have just been experiencing… more likely blustery and a bit rainy.

    • A nice bit of sunshine goes along ways doesn’t it? Sounds like a cozy weekend…Thanks for stopping by!

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