A Squadron of Pelicans


These American White Pelicans seemed a bit off course on their migration. At least Ryan and I have never seen them in the valley and definitely not with snow on the ground!

Pelicans are one of my favorite birds! They can stand up to 4 ft tall and have a 9 ft wingspan.

We found this group feeding in the pond near Fern Ridge Dam. They cooperate in groups to circle around a group of fish in a shallow area and continually bob their heads up and down to catch fish.

We watched several birds catch some decent size fish, so big it took them a while to swallow! Taking these pictures just made my weekend! I hope you enjoy them!





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    • I know aren’t they! I am so excited to have seen them! 🤪🤩🥳 we’re going to have lunch go head out with my camera again! Lol

  1. We have those pelicans in our Madison River here in northwestern Montana. They make my day! You captured some gorgeous photos of them. Thanks for sharing! <3

    • Thanks! I’ve never seen them here before. They must be stopping on their migration north. Maybe the snow has them a bit off course. I’m not sure. But it was sure fun to watch, I was in heaven!

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